Amandas story – a neonatal journey 30 years ago

As told by Mum Leanne

My story is not a recent one, in fact my daughter Amanda is now 30! 

Despite the fact it is now many years ago, the traumatic time that it was still remains fresh in my mind. I was a young Mum of 21, fit and healthy and certainly not expecting the rocky journey that lay ahead of me. At just 16 weeks my blood pressure elevated to a dangerous level.  I had to leave work immediately and I was admitted to hospital, which is where I stayed for the next 12 weeks….. on bedrest!

Eventually, my little girl was delivered by c-section at 29 weeks.  She weighed just under 1,000 gms (which by todays standards is huge!) and spent 12 weeks in the neonatal unit.  Other than oxygen and a blood transfusion, she did very well.  I had had several rounds of steroids. 

How I wish The Neonatal trust existed then.  We had absolutely no support in dealing with this tiny baby, and I still vividly remember the challenges involved. Even though my daughter Amanda was given a 50% chance of having a learning disability that has not been the case.  She excelled in every area through her school years,  has a bright and vivacious personality, not to mention stubborness,  and has always been very strong willed!

She eventually graduated university with a masters degree with first class honours and now works at a top London University.

Mother Teresa QuoteFor all parents going through the very stressful time of having a prem baby, remember “this too shall pass”.  You will emerge as a stronger more compassionate person with a greater understanding of how precious life is.  Your baby will always be that little bit “extra special”. 

“Be faithful in small things, for it is in them your strength lies”
Mother Teresa.