We’re privileged to be supported by One Percent Collective and their model that raises awareness and generates support (managing regular giving) for The Neonatal Trust. 

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Their latest Generosity Journal titled ‘Be Human‘ features Rosemary Escott, Nurse manager for Wellington Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU).  Rosemary is one of Wellington’s ‘Neonatal Angels’, helping to manage and deliver the care for more than 1,000+ babies every year.  

‘Working with these babies makes me feel that, while I might not have made a lot of money, my life is well-lived in the sense that my working life has been very productive.  I feel like I’ve made a difference to thousands of babies over the years, and that’s really powerful”

Read all about Rosemary, the reason why she ‘does what she does’ and gain a little bit of insight into the incredible work that goes on in the Wellington NICU here

Want a printed edition of The Generosity Journal? 
Here’s a map of where you can grab one around Wellington or email the team at One Percent Collective for a downloadable copy here


About One Percent Collective

One Percent Collective is a regular giving and awareness raising program and is perfect for a charity our size (one light on paid resources and heavy on volunteer commitment and support).  The model see’s them taking care of all of the administration and receipting for The Neonatal Trust, which enables us to free up time and focus our efforts on the thing which matters most: supporting families going through the stress of a neonatal journey (i.e., moving efforts from fundraising to support initiatives). It really does make a difference enabling us to provide more of this support.
Since its inception, the One Percent Collective has raised over $1,000,000 through the regular donations of 500+ wonderful people.  This is an excellent way to support The Neonatal Trust with our work helping to make a difficult start to life a little bit easier. To learn more:One Percent Collective


How does it work?

  1. People join the One Percent Collective and select The Neonatal Trust as a recipient of their regular giving 
    (They can choose 1, 2, or more charities to support)
  2. Their chosen amount per week, or per month, is given to One Percent Collective 
  3. One Percent Collective look after all the donation receipts and administration, so we can spend more time on supporting neonatal families
  4. Every quarter, One Percent Collective transfer the funds to The Neonatal Trust. 

And, it doesn’t stop there. All the while, they share stories, do presentations and talks to spread the word on generosity and giving. Plus they host cool events for their supporters to enjoy.

This is a fantastic organisation and one which we are truly privileged to be involved with. Learn more about them here: www.onepercentcollective.org

A HUGE thanks to all the One Percent Collective Members, Staff, Supporters and Board – plus all those generous organisations and people who support their great events, information sharing, etc!