Neonatal Transitional Care Project mother/caregiver Survey

Across New Zealand, senior maternity and neonatal staff are working together on a model of care known as transitional care. An important feature of transitional care is that the mother (or carer) stays with the baby until they are well enough to be discharged. Care for babies with additional needs is currently usually provided in Neonatal Intensive Care or Special Care Baby Units, but some are cared for on the maternity ward.Survey.jpg
The Neonatal Transitional Care Project Group are keen to hear from mothers whose babies needed more nursing and midwifery care than that required by a ‘well new-born’, especially those babies born from 35 weeks gestation.
You are invited to complete this survey if you:
· Recently gave birth to a baby that was 35 weeks gestation or more
· Your baby was either admitted to a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit or Special Care Baby Unit
· Your baby required additional care on a postnatal ward.
Examples of additional care could be:
· Extra feeding support (e.g. requiring a feeding tube for at least some of the feeds)Survey 1.jpg
· Antibiotics for more than two days
· Time under lights (phototherapy) for the treatment of jaundice (tested as being too yellow)
If you meet the above criteria, it would be appreciated if you could complete the online survey at
The Neonatal Transitional Care Project Group has a very tight timeline that means your feedback would be most appreciated before 27 November.
All feedback will be confidential; no individual mother, baby or location will be identified in any part of the collation of the feedback that will ultimately result in a report of the current situation.
As well as this survey, some Neonatal units are planning focus groups to enable discussion with neonatal or maternity staff.
Thank you for your time; your feedback is appreciated.