Baking for Babies resources

The Baking For Babies FamilyAs part of our 'Neonatal November' 2018 activity, The Neonatal Trust has launched Baking for Babies. 

Note:  If you've found this page but not yet registered, please head here to register. This will enable us to keep you informed with all of our Baking for Babies updates.


Baking for Babies resources

We want to make the process as simple as possible, and enjoyable, for you.  To help, we've provided the following resources and links:

Resources for you to download:
 Poster for recruiting bakers
 Poster for promoting the Bake Sale (space to write in your date and venue)
 Themed bunting that you can print for your Bake sale
 Tent card for pricing
 Ingredient cards for advising what's included in the baking (to help those with allergies and/or intolerances)  

Personal stories
We've created this page with a number of personal stories shared by parents of neonatal unit graduates. There are few better ways to raise awareness and provide insights into the stress and anxiety of a neonatal journey than hearing it directly from those who have been there.
Each story here has a link to a PDF copy so you can download for sharing, link to it (they open with their own URL) or print.

Examples of the support we provide
We provide our support of neonatal families in a range of different ways:

Logos and imagery
You're welcome to use our logo and key images when talking about your Baking for Babies activity.
We'll send all those who have registered a link to a folder to download these. 

Baking for Babies is an activity to help raise awareness and funds for The Neonatal Trust.  As with all of our activity, feedback is welcome at  

High level details are provided below.  To learn more and be kept up to date, please register your interest using the form on this page:


About 'Baking for Babies'

  • An activity to help raise awareness and funds for The Neonatal Trust. 
    It is a new initiative in 2018, developed to generate more support for neonatal families. With NICUs and SCBUs such delicate and fragile environments it can be difficult to provide volunteering and support opportunities for those who wish to help The Neonatal Trust.  Baking for Babies aims to provide a fun and simple way for people to be involved 
  • Run a 'bake sale' at your workplace, or any gathering that suits you and your circle of friends
  • Businesses such as cafes and bakerys can jump on board in a way that works from them (eg, Tawa New World will be selling cupcakes with pink and blue icing, with $ going to The Neonatal Trust!)
  • Posters and signage will be provided to all who register
  • We'd love to celebrate your efforts and highlight the photos of your great baking and events





    Thanks to all who support usBaking For BabiesThanks!

    Creating new initiatives is a often a case of 'many hands, light work' and this was certainly the case with 'Baking for Babies'
    Our sincere thanks go to:

    • Louise for creating the Baking for Babies logo and other visuals (posters, etc), and
    • Hannah for the 'baking family' illustration











    Thank you to The Neonatal Trust's Partners