Become a Volunteer

Volunteers are an extremely important part of our team and are vital for the continued support of neonatal families.  You don't have to have had a baby in a neonatal unit to get involved as a volunteer.  You might want to support some of the regular ongoing support activities of The Neonatal Trust like writing newsletters or website content, managing our database of volunteers, or just help us from time to time as you can with running events and fundraising.
Whatever contribution you can make, big or small, your help is welcomed and appreciated!

The Neonatal Trust has a range of opportunities for volunteers and the level of commitment is completely up to you.   We will help match your valuable skills, interests and availability with one of our opportunities to support others. Here's some examples of how you can help:
•    Knitting / Sewing – Knitters and/or sewers are a required for creating items such as blankets, sheets, muslins, hats and booties for our precious babies.  
•    Baking – Baking is gratefully received for World Prematurity Day and other events
•    Raising Awareness – When we have events, or are generally looking to raise awareness, it's great to have help handing out fliers and contacts local organisations
•    Collecting – We have several opportunities per year that require collectors to help us raise awareness and raise funds

If you feel you are able to volunteer for us, we would love to hear from you!  Please email us and provide us with your name and the area of New Zealand you live in. Someone will be in touch with you to learn a bit more about you. 


Volunteer Profile - Leah Green.

Leah Green Volunteering at an event put on by One Percent Collective & The Neonatal TrustHow did you come to volunteer for The Neonatal Trust? 
I’ve always been interested in working with families and new-borns and want to take that path with my nursing career (as I am studying to become a Registered Nurse). I came across the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and the amazing work that is done there. I also saw and read how being admitted to the unit can take its toll on families. I really wanted to do something now to help and . . . 

You can read more about Neonatal Trust Volunteer Leah Green here.


Volunteer Profile - Kaye Wilson.

Kaye CollectingHow did you come to volunteer for The Neonatal Trust?
I am a firm believer in that what goes around comes around.  I like to give back to those that have helped me.  

Our daughter spent a month in Christchurch and Wellington NICU’s in 2008.  She was born 9 weeks premature, while we were on holiday in the South Island.  It was a traumatic time, especially being air lifted back to Wellington on day 4 . . .

You can read more about Neonatal Trust Volunteer Kaye Wilson here.



Volunteer Profile - Jenn Gilbert.

Jenn Gilbert Ada IncubatorHow did you come to volunteer for The Neonatal Trust?
In 2014 my daughter, Ada, was born unexpectedly at 30 weeks in Wellington, due to pre-eclampsia and abruption. 
Because of this she spent 7 weeks in the Wellington NICU and I got to know the lovely, friendly faces of the Neonatal Trust ladies in the Trust shop. They were so supportive through the NICU journey and offered practical help too, for example around hiring a breast pump. 
Once my daughter was discharged I went along to the Trust coffee groups for a while, which was a life saver when my daughter was still facing issues from her premature birth in her early months, and I knew the mums there 'got it.'

You can read more about Neonatal Trust Volunteer Jenn Gilbert here.



Volunteer Profile: Rae 

Christmas StockingsWhat have you done in your role as a Volunteer?
For the last 9 years (3 years for the NICU ward) and (6 year for The Neonatal Trust shop) I have knitted and donated 85 pure wool blankets to the shop every year to sell.

For the last 2 years I have knitted an additional 55 blankets to give as Christmas Presents for the babies who are in NICU Wellington and SCBU Lower Hutt on Christmas Day.  

I have also made Christmas Stockings (pictured to the right) for the last 3 years to sell in the shop and are currently making some to sell at their Thorndon Fair stall.

You can read more about Neonatal Trust Volunteer Rae here.

Thank you to The Neonatal Trust's Partners