About Us

The 'Neonatal Trust' was originally established in Wellington in 1986 by two Wellington families with extremely premature babies, Since 2009, the 'Neonatal Trust' has evolved to become a nationwide network of five regional trusts and an over-arching national trust. The national trust is also the sole shareholder of a special-purpose (awareness and fund raising) organisation called Project Born Limited.

The five regionally-focussed trusts and their registered charity numbers are:

The Neonatal Trust (Auckland) - (CC43394) - supports the Auckland Hospital NICU and their families
The Neonatal Trust (Waikato) - (CC 48485) - supports the Waikato Hospital NICU and their families
The Neonatal Trust (Wellington) - (CC21979) - supports the Wellington Regional Hospital NICU and their families
The Neonatal Trust (Canterbury) - (CC 48482) - supports the Christchurch Hospital NICU and their families
The Neonatal Trust (Otago) - (CC42631) - supports the Dunedin Hospital NICU and their families

The Neonatal Trust (New Zealand) (CC42886) works to provide, and coordinate, support to families of neonatal (premature or sick full term) babies as they make their journeys through neonatal intensive care, the transition home, and onwards.

Our Vision

Making a difficult start to life that little bit easier

Our Mission

The mission of  the 'Neonatal Trusts' is three-fold:

  1. The primary focus is supporting parents who are having a baby(s) in a neonatal unit, by helping them, in whatever way we can, to get through what is usually a very traumatic time. .
  2. To provide assistance and support to the Neonatal Care Units in practical ways such as purchasing or contributing to the cost of equipment and funding for staff to attend neonatal educational seminars or other professional development..
  3. To aid neonatal-related medical research.

The 'Neonatal Trusts' (and any subsidiaries) do not receive any Government funding and are entirely reliant on the generousity of individuals, companies and organisations in the form of donations, value-in-kind donations, grants, sponsorship and fundraising events to supplement operating costs and fund initiatives such as those detailed above.

Thank you to The Neonatal Trust's Partners