2017 Raffle winners drawn

On Friday 1st December, The Neonatal Trust 2017 raffle was drawn under Police Supervision at Gazley Motors on Kent Terrace, Wellington.

Neonatal Secret Santa 2017

Christmas day is a day for families to get together, be together and make memories. For hundreds of families this Christmas, their memories will be different to most with their baby (or babies, in the case of multiples) in a neonatal unit. There are over 350 incubators and cots in neonatal units . . . 

Healthy outcome for baby prompts neonatal fundraiser on World Prematurity Day

One of the hardest things about having a prem baby is not being able to give them a cuddle. When Greytown couple Helen and Alistair Haslett's baby Naomi was born eight weeks premature last September, Helen was not able to hold her until a few days after the birth and Alistair had to wait weeks. It was a tough for the whole family seeing Naomi so helpless.
Naomi Haslett was born two months premature over a year ago and now she is inspiring a Neonatal Trust fundraising campaign. . . 

World Prematurity Day 2017

On World Prematurity Day, we would like to express our sincere thanks to all #nurses, #doctors and #support-staff for taking #respectful care of our preterm babies. Thank you for your dedication!

#WorldPrematurityDay     #letthemthrive

Introducing Neonatal November

For a number of years we've celebrated and supported World Prematurity Day (November 17).  However, we've been super conscious that there are many other neonatal journeys each year, ie the full-term babies with health issues and/or complications.  All babies needing an extra hand are cared for by the caring, patient and kind staff in the Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICUs) and Special Care Baby Units (SCBUs). 

Thanks Jetstar

We are privileged to have the support of Jetstar who are helping us to deliver Support packs to families going through the stress and anxiety of a neonatal journey. In a very stressful time, receiving a Support pack to help as you enter the foreign world of the neonatal unit is invaluable. The Neonatal Trust also provides support documents written by parents, for parents. Purposely short and simple . . .

October 2017 Partner of the Month, MinterEllisonRuddWatts

We're grateful to all those who provide their ideas, time and donations to The Neonatal Trust. This month we want to say an extra special thanks to MinterEllisonRuddWatts  

In October 2017 we're privileged to have their support with a month of fundraising activity to help neonatal families.

Welcome Home - Home & Garden Tour

On Saturday 28th October, The Neonatal Trust, in conjunction with JewettsGazley and Showroom are holding our very first Welcome Home – Home & Garden Tour. This will be a one-day, self drive, event where a selection of homes & gardens in the Seatoun and Breaker Bay area will be open to the public for viewing.  

A Fathers day pick me up

Fathers day is a special day for many.  For hundreds of families on Sunday 3rd September, their memories will be different to most . . .       There are over 360 incubators and cots in neonatal units across New Zealand. While the unit is the best place for the care of their baby (or babies, in the case of multiples) they would love to be home on Fathers day. We have organised a pick-me-up package to each and every family with a baby in a neonatal unit to brighten their day

Simplicity. KiwiSaver provider with a big heart

The Neonatal Trust is delighted to announce the support of Simplicity.


Thank you to The Neonatal Trust's Partners