Nappy Momento Pack now available

Do you want to have a tangible reminder of how small your baby was?  Perhaps something to show at their 21st?

Introducing Power for Good

The wonderful folk at Powershop have launched 'Power for Good', a new way to top up your power while supporting local charities, and they have chosen The Neonatal Trust to partner with for the launch. . .

Mojo plus cookies equals more support

The Neonatal Trust and Mojo have teamed up to sell 'Have a Heart' cookies in May - the month of Mothers Day! 

A big thanks to The Body Shop

The Neonatal Trust currently has the privilege of having 'Action stations' in all of retail stores of The Body Shop in New Zealand! (Through to 23 April 2018).

Support The Neonatal Trust with Trade Me

It's time to have a clear out!  Grab all those things you've been meaning to sell or get rid of and list them on Trade Me between 9 April and 15 April and you can help support the work of The Neonatal Trust. 

A new way to support The Neonatal Trust

Gift vouchers have been launched by The Good Registry, introducing a new way to support The Neonatal Trust . . .

Waikato has an incubator donation box

​We are delighted to have added to our 'fleet' of incubator donation boxes, with an out-of-service incubator recycled into an awareness and fundraising tool. This new donation box is now based in the Waikato . . . 

Helping parents through a rocky start

I went through NICU with my wee boy Reuben, who’s now five and just started school. At 24 weeks, I went into spontaneous labour — we still have no idea why. It was a big shock and very stressful once he was here, with critical matters of life and death. I knew nothing; I didn’t even know babies survived at that gestation. . .   

Douglas Pharmaceuticals supports The Neonatal Trust

The Neonatal Trust is grateful for the support of Douglas Pharmaceuticals who are donating wool to support neonatal families . . .   

Thanks Koi Farms

Our HUGE and sincere thanks go to Koi Farms and Koi Baling of Gore and all of their supporters.  With a personal connection to a neonatal journey, the team at Koi Farms and Koi Baling set about raising funds for The Neonatal Trust. . .


Thank you to The Neonatal Trust's Partners