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Waikato doctors' groundbreaking gel to help newborns

Newborn babies around the world are going to benefit from a groundbreaking research project conducted at Waikato Hospital by neonatal nurse practitioner Dr Deborah Harris and Dr Phil Weston. 

Mum calls for support for tube-fed kids

Eli and Ben were born prematurely at 26 weeks' gestation, then spent four months at Wellington Hospitals’ neonatal unit.    Some leave hospital feeding normally. Others, such as Ben and Eli, go home with nasogastric tubes. 

New Breast Pumps in Waikato thanks to The Cambridge Christmas Festival Society

The Neonatal Trust in Waikato is therefore thrilled to be able to say a big thank you to The Cambridge Christmas Festival Society who have very generously donated three new Medela Symphony double breast pumps to the Trust.

Autumn newsletter out now

A fresh edition of our quarterly newsletter has just come off the press. Inside: The latest in neonatal news from all of our regions, the heart warming stories of what two NICU graduates are up to these days and much more.

Dr Vaughan Richardson - his job is a labour of love

In quarter of a century practising as a neonatal paediatrician, head of Wellington's neonatal intensive care unit Vaughan Richardson has looked after well over 25,000 babies and, despite their critical needs and at times dire condition, he still takes time to cherish every one of his tiny patients.

Neonatal units need to be expanded

Premature babies could be at more risk in the future if neonatal units are not expanded or new units built, an expert says.

Mother running to thank son's saviours (NZ Herald 9/1/13)

Aucklander Elaine Webb is running 720km in 51 days to raise money for The Neonatal Trust (Auckland).

'My baby won't eat' - Inara's story

If little Inara Herdman needs to eat, it’s not her mother she turns to – it’s a tube feeding machine she’s been hooked up to since the day she was born.

Deanna and Ben Sigmund

Deanna and Ben are strong supporters of The Neonatal Trust. However, they also understand that the support they received came from a range of organisations.

Samuel's story

My partner and I had just moved from Melbourne over to Wellington. A big step for us but one we were looking forward to. About a month after our arrival I found out I was pregnant with our first child. We were a little shocked but also excited, we knew it would be a challenge given we were in a new country away from all of our family and friends. Little did we know just how hard that challenge was going to be.


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