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Canterbury Playgroup Music and Movement Sessions

The music and movement sessions at The Neonatal Trust (Canterbury) monthly playgroup focus on the needs of children born prematurely...

Middlemore Hospital prepares to move newborns into new clinic

Babies needing specialist care will now be treated in the new state-of-art neonatal care unit at Middlemore Hospital. 

NZ's first breast milk bank opens in Christchurch

Nearly all premature babies in Christchurch Women's Hospital's neo-natal unit are fed milk formula by syringe and tube.  But the hospitals new human milk bank is set to change that, meaning that breast milk will soon be on the menu for the first time.

Artist, knitter, and donator

Multiple award winning artist, Sara Pascoe-Clarke is donating 50% of the proceeds of the sale of 2 pieces of art...

Mad woman with a buggy

Tracey Thomson-Lamplough is a great example of a 'Neonatal Hero'. Tracey has committed to running the Rotorua marathon with a buggy and raising funds for The Neonatal Trust...

Better Health - New Children's and Neonatal Ward at Dunedin Hospital

Take a tour of the state of the art new Children's and Neonatal Wards at Dunedin Hospital, which will be officially opened in February 2014.

One kilometre for each day...

Craig and Elizabeth welcomed their daughter Alexis into the world in December 2011. Alexis required 42 days of care in the Auckland Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). To acknowledge the support they had received, Craig decided to run the 2013 Auckland Marathon as a fundraiser, running 1km for each of the 42 days baby Alexis was in Auckland NICU.

Study on very low birth-weight babies released

New research on "very low birth-weight" babies by Christchurch-based Professor Brian Darlow indicates very low birth-weight babies were as happy with their quality of life as their control-group peers by the time they reached their 20s.

Mojo's first mobile phone collection campaign a success!

The Neonatal Trust is very grateful to one of our Partners Mojo Coffee for launching its first annual fund raising campaign in support of the Trust.
Throughout August, Mojo ran a phone collection campaign.  It had collection points set up in all Mojo stores....   

Potential for further advances in protecting brain injured babies

Major advances have already been made in protecting babies after brain injuries but there is strong potential to make further big advances, says a leading US-based medical researcher and neonatologist.


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