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International Kangaroo Cuddle Awareness Day, May 15th

May 15th is International Kangaroo Cuddle Awareness day so there’s no better time to share some information on this great practise. Kangaroo Cuddling was pioneered in Columbia in the 1970s by a pediatrician who was looking for a way to keep premature babies warm in an area that was too poor to have incubators.

ICAPs incredible support for The Neonatal Trust

In December last year we welcomed ICAP New Zealand aboard as a Partner of The Neonatal Trust New Zealand. ICAP decided to support kids from birth through school, as we had the privilege of being chosen as a recipient...

Neonatal Trust launches fundraiser

Chase, born a 35 weeks and Lucas, born full term, both spent time in the Wellington NICU after they were born.

Iain's Story

Iain was born at 24 weeks after several months of a difficult pregnancy. His two older siblings were born at 42 and 43 weeks, so I was completely shocked at his birth, this 24 week stuff was ridiculous - this kind of thing doesn’t happen to us. We were overwhelmed by the whole experience and really felt that we were in a completely different world from the one I had known till now (seeing my baby wrapped in what seemed like tinfoil under bright lights and whisked away didn’t meet my dreams or expectations). This new world of incubators, bleeps, drips, long lines and a medical language that everyone tried so hard to explain at times was all too much for me. I am sure I was a very tiresome parent who sought explanations upon explanations.

Help for tots born too soon

Some of New Zealand's most vulnerable premature babies will soon take part in ground-breaking research aimed at improving their health and those of other pre-term infants worldwide.  The research, a collaboration between Auckland City Hospital and the University of Auckland...

Premature twins stuck in limbo

Julia Carter, a New Zealander who is living in Australia, was just 24 weeks pregnant with twins when she went into labour while on holiday in Nelson, just before Christmas... 

Waimate, a town of Neonatal Heroes

Sarah Wilson and Trish Lapthorn are sisters from the small town of Waimate in the South Island. Both had a neonatal experience and wanted to give back to acknowledge the support received...

Brody Sheppard arrives back home

Brody Sheppard is doing what any newborn should, even though his due date is not for another three weeks. At 8 weeks old, Brody went home for the first time yesterday...

Waikato doctor receives top national prize

Accolades for the Waikato nurse practitioner behind the life changing Sugar Babies study just keep coming.  Dr Deborah Harris’ thesis on neonatal hypoglycaemia has received a University of Auckland’s Vice Chancellor’s Prize for Best Doctoral Thesis in 2013. The Sugar Babies study ran between 2008-2010...

The face of Facebook - Debbie Sinclair

Introducing Debbie Sinclair - our Facebook page administrator. Many of you will have read Debbie’s updates on Facebook.


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