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Wool giveaway

It's the first official day of winter and what better time to think wool?! To celebrate the wonderful fibre that is wool, we have a beautiful woollen mobile to giveaway. . .


Heart attack survivor wakes, says 'I love you'

Kate Meldrum gave birth to her daughter Ruby on 6 May at just 26 weeks gestation. . .   

Dad of premature son encourages research to help others

Franky Wang never expected his son Jeremy, to be worn at 29 weeks and five days gestation.   Jeremy spent the first eight weeks of his life in intensive care, now the Hobsonville resident is sharin

Nappy Momento Pack now available

Do you want to have a tangible reminder of how small your baby was?  Perhaps something to show at their 21st?

Mum of premature baby has heart attack

A young mum who recently gave birth to her premature daughter is now fighting for her life after suffering a heart attack while visiting her baby in hospital. Kate Meldrum (29) gave birth to Ruby on May 6 after 26 weeks, five days gestation, she weighed just 530 grams. . . 

Volunteer knitting for New Zealands most vulnerable

Dunedin neonatal unit has received 40 beanies thanks to a kind volunteer and her friends!

Hospitals struggle with shortage of neonatal beds

Kiwi parents are struggling as "emotionally, financially and physically" as hospitals neonatal beds are pushed beyond capacity.

Study finds delay in cord snipping helps prem babies

An eight year international study has shown an extra minute attached to mum allowed more blood to be pumped from the placenta which helped maintain healthy oxygen levels and therefore increased their chance of survival by 30 percent.

Our very own Superman

"The milestones are different in the NICU, like the first time baby can breathe by themselves, the first time they open their eyes after weeks of waiting, the first time they have a blanket you can tuck around them, the first time they fit new born clothes, the first time the suck/swallow/breathe reflex is strong enough to breastfeed, the first time . . .      "

Do you have Fly Buys points?

The Neonatal Trust is privileged to be part of 'Points for Purpose' - an initiative where Kiwis can turn their Fly Buys points into support for others.


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