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6 year old gives baby brother Kangaroo cuddles

We LOVE, and advocate strongly for, kangaroo cuddles. . .      check out this great story of a 6yo doing skin-to-skin cuddles with his premature baby brother (includes some beautiful photos).

From cerebral palsy to one of golfs Major tournaments

Neonatal babies are over-represented with cerebral palsy (vs the general population). The brains neural pathways form at different stages of gestation and when babies come early and/or there are complications they can wire differently. While not as a result of a neonatal journey, a remarkable story to be shared. . . 

Supporter Profile Christine Langdon

A consistent theme we encounter in our work is the very special people who choose to get involved. From those who give their time and support to the care of neonatal babies, the families themselves who go above and beyond for others, and the social profit space in general. Learn more about the wonderful Christine Langdon who set up The Good Registry . . .

Water Babies Splashathon

The Neonatal Trust is proud to be supported by Water Babies.  During the week of 3rd - 9th September they'll be running a 'Splashathon' for The Neonatal Trust

The early arrival of Eden

Jason and I were visited by a nurse from the newborn unit who talked us through the scary process of having an extremely premature baby. I looked at the pictures and listened to her talk but all the time thinking “Well, this isn't going to happen to me!”

Australias premature baby program set to go national

A research program that has reduced the number of premature births in Western Australia is being rolled out to other states and a parallel program is set to be developed in New Zealand.

WOW Preview show tickets on sale

As an important part of the Wellington community, World of WearableArt™ Ltd have been are long term supporters of The Neonatal Trust.  Since 2008 we have been one of their charities of choice and as such we have been able to they have allowed us to sell tickets to the WOW® Preview show and retain 50% of the proceeds. 

Activity across New Zealand in July 2018

There's a range of activity happening in our regions in July. We've pulled this together into one page as an overall update. . .

New Zealands first community milk bank up and running

New Zealands first community breast milk bank is up and running.  Now new mums in Canterbury can supplement their efforts with milk donated by other women.

FREE shipping on premature nappies

The Neonatal Trust are proud to advise a special code for getting FREE delivery of Huggies Little Snugglers Premature Nappies 30s (for babies up To 3kg)


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