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First birthday celebrations support The Neonatal Trust

Iqbal has raised more than $8000 for the Neonatal Trust on Givealittle to mark Amairah's birthday, and said her message to parents facing a similar situation was to "believe in miracles".

Same nurse cares for father and son born premature three decades apart

Three decades ago, Caldwell's late mother, Ida Bell, who called McGowan "nurse Lissa," became so attached to her son's caretaker that she included a picture of the smiling nurse and bundled baby in a photo album, Freydin told The Washington Post. Three decades later, the parents spotted the snapshot.

One of New Zealand's smallest babies to celebrate her first birthday

Born at 29 weeks and weighing 490 grams (1lb 1oz), Amairah was given 30% chance of survival, with possible severe disabilities.  She spent a total of 128 days in the NICU Auckland hospital, and is one of the tiniest babies born in New Zealand.  Now she's about to turn 1 and the family are choosing to raise funds to help the work of The Neonatal Trust.

NZ based study investigating how premature babies' hearts can be affected

Lotteries Health has granted Christchurch researchers $100,000 to focus specifically on how tiny babies' hearts can be affected as they get older.

Thank you Waikato NICU

Terehia Rakatau-Emery was delighted the first time she heard her son cry. 

Liggins Institute team to develop blood test for preterm birth

A research team from Liggins Institute at the University of Auckland in New Zealand has received a fellowship grant to develop a blood test to predict premature birth.

Women of Influence supreme winner Jane Harding

Celebrated medical professor Jane Harding was named the supreme winner at the 2019 Women of Influence Awards, for her contribution to neonatal hypoglycaemia research.

Valerie Adams discusses her fears

Adams' doctors at Auckland City Hospital admitted Kepaleli to the Newborn Intensive Care Unit (NICU), where he would spend the first week of his life in an incubator.

"It felt kind of wrong," Adams said. "You're meant to have your baby with you... Not miles away in another area."

Giving 1 percent

One Percent Collective Founder, Pat Shepard was recently interviewed by Stuff in regards to New Zealand's philanthropic culture "We go with the ethos that everyone should be doing something to make this a better place," he says.


Research tells an important story

The Neonatal Trust has supported the work of a range of doctors, nurses and scientists all working together to try and get the answers we desperately need to keep these vulnerable babies safe and well, not just in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, but throughout their lives.


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