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Inside the stressful world of a preemie mom

Premature birth can be a shock. What's less talked about is that the trauma doesn't end at the hospital door.  Christine Klucynski's twins were born at 24 weeks gestation. Christine, a mental health nurse in America struggled with life after returning home with premature twins, but she would discover she was not alone.

'Twinkle, twinkle' power: Preemie brains get boost from Mum's voice

Mums-to-be often chat and coo to their babies before birth. But when babies arrive prematurely, they’re whisked off to an incubator where they hear mostly hospital noises. A new study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences finds that hearing a mother’s voice develops the a premature baby's brain.

Premature births link for Hamilton mother and daughter

 A Hamilton mother and daughter have an uncanny connection, they both gave birth to premature baby girls, both at 25-weeks gestation and both babies weighed 705 grams.  Sandra Marston gave birth to a daughter 16 years ago at Waikato Hospital and two weeks ago, her daughter Kaylah Marston, 20, gave birth to her daughter, Aliyah-Rose, at Auckland Hospital.

Sarah Drew Reveals Newborn's Difficult Premature Birth

Grey's Anatomy star Sarah Drew talks about her baby girl Hannah Mali Rose's health complications after her premature birth. Read about Hannah and Sarah's experience in NICU.

Premature babies likely to grow out of asthma

A recent published study from Denmark has confirmed that that those born prematurely are more likely to suffer asthmatic symptoms and lung conditions than other children. However, the good news is that they grow out of these conditions.

NICU staff "amazing"

Robyn Pledger's 18-month-old daughter was born 10 weeks early weighing only 3.9lb.  Robyn sent some pictures into the Otago Daily Times and said that her girl is ''amazing and strong'', and she wants to tell people with premature babies not to give up hope, and to recognise the work of the ''amazing'' staff at the NICU in Dunedin Hospital.

The babies too keen to come into this world

Over 13 weeks, Adam Dudding from the Sunday Star Times followed Theodore Bradbury, born at 29 weeks, and his parents, Rebecca and Cameron, through their neonatal journey.

Kiwi study lifeline for premature babies

Ground-breaking New Zealand research will have a potentially life-saving effect on the treatment of premature babies around the world.  The New Zealand study is the first to show that repeat antenatal steroid doses given to mothers at risk of delivering before 32 weeks does not adversely affect the later cardiovascular and metabolic health of premature babies.

**Updated** Sir Chris Hoy's baby born premature but doing well

Scots-born Olympic cyclist Sir Chris Hoy is "amazed, delighted and a little shocked" after the birth of his son Callum two months early.  The tiny Callum David Robert Hoy was born on 15th October at 29 weeks.

A small is beautiful celebration

Five-year-old Bella Topp was the same size as her favourite dolly when she first came into the world.  Born 14 weeks early, Bella was about 35cm long - the distance from her mother Katrina's fingertips to halfway up her forearm.


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