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33 week triplets mean 5 under 5yo in the house

Sarah's early stages of pregnancy "were really good", but by 30 weeks life became hard. She was admitted to hospital at 31 weeks for bed rest and the triplets were born a fortnight later.

Hannah-Ruth - one year later

Follow the journey of Hannah-Ruth one year later.   ''On the really hard days to remember there is hope, that there is light at the end of the tunnel and man it's good.''


Data and Neonatal reseach

A new study could help thousands of Kiwi families get a better understanding of what the future holds for premature babies. This 1 news item . . .

Miracle baby 15 years on

Born 14 weeks premature, Chrystal weighed just 390 grams and could fit in the palm of her father's hand. Fast forward to 2017, and the Verdon College student from Wallacetown is celebrating her 15th birthday . . .

Research confirms no long term effects

An ACTORDS study has found that the use of corticosteroids during pregnancy has had no adverse effects on brain development, cardiovascular or metabolic health. 

New dad depression is linked to stress

A significant number of Kiwi men are overcome by depression during a pregnancy, and the number climbs after birth, a new study reveals. Auckland University researchers have found 2.3 per cent of fathers also experience depression during the pregnancy, and this reaches 4.3 per cent nine months after their child is born. . . 

New blood test to help predict premature births

A new blood test being worked on to help predict premature births. Great to see #Neonatal research happening in New Zealand.

Olivia Agnew - 3 months later

Read the update on Oliva Agnew, born 23rd October and quickly approaching her due date of 7th February.

Nerissa gives back for World Prematurity Day

 On 17th of November Nerissa was instrumental in helping host a morning tea at the Whangarei Unit to celebrate World Prematurity Day. 

Facebook helps family share life in NICU

Hannah-Ruths journey through NICU inspires hope to other families and helps raise awareness for World Prematurity Day


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