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Music as a tool for premature babies care and development

Friederike Haslbeck sings to babies. But not to all babies. As a music therapist she helps premature infants and their parents relax and bond. As a researcher she’s investigating whether music helps develop a premature baby’s brain. . .  

Short women more likely to give birth to premature babies

Women who are shorter in height are twice as likely to have a baby born premature than tall mothers, according to a new international study.  "Short mothers tend to have less space for the babies to grow before birth, and this seems to lead to premature delivery in some women".

Reagan Smarts early arrival at 23 weeks and 6 days

Born the size of a standard ruler and weighing little over 700grams, Reagan Smart has defied the odds.  Ashhurst baby Reagan Smart was just 23 weeks and six days old when her mother suffered a placental abruption, when the placenta detached from the wall of the womb prematurely, forcing doctors to perform a caesarean section . . .

Waikato rescue helicopter open day

The Waikato rescue helicopter had their open day which was attended by thousands of people. Included in the display was Waikato hospital's mobile intensive care newborn unit, which is transported by the helicopter around the region to airlift and treat ill and premature babies. . .   

Twins hold hands during Kangaroo cuddles

An Australian couple have filmed the adorable moment premature twin babies hold hands while lying on their father's chest.

Nelson Hospital celebrates prem babies

It was a year ago when Nelson woman Jeanine Brunwin was forced to fly to Wellington Hospital to give birth to her twin girls. But after a week, all three of them were transferred back to Nelson Hospital.  There she spent six weeks with newborns Riley and Imogin before they were discharged on New Year's Eve. 

Couple's pre-baby break not to be

It was supposed to be a pre-baby break relaxing and walking the dog at Lake Hawea. But Timaru couple Nicola and Brent Prue's plans abruptly changed when Mrs Prue went into labour with son Angus, who was born at 33 weeks' gestation.

Couple's fourth premature baby

It was almost a month before Palmerston North parents Jade and Jeremy Braddock were allowed to hold their premature baby girl.  Annabelle, now a 17-month-old toddler, was born at 26 weeks with serious health issues...

Celebrating premature babies

Tuesday was World Prematurity Day celebrating premature babies and the Taranaki Neonatal Trust organised a morning tea for staff and parents of premature babies at the hospital..  Ten month-old Mac Hammond got to catch up with medical staff who looked after him when he was first born. 

Landmarks light up for a different cause - World Prematurity Day

Landmarks here and around the world are 'lighting up' purple to raise awareness and focus attention on premature birth. 


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