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Inside Auckland's neonatal unit

Check out this video which provides a rare glimpse into Auckland's neonatal unit and the work that scientist's are undertaking to help these tiny babies survive.

Paid parental leave extended for pre-term babies

Parents of pre-term babies will now be entitled to a maxium of 27 weeks paid parental leave....


Premature baby born at 27 weeks is so tiny her Dad's wedding ring fits on her arm

The moment a father held his premature baby for the first time was captured in a touching photograph.  James Perrin, 38, from Yorkshire in the United Kingdom, slipped his wedding ring onto his daughter Mollie's arm to show just how tiny she was at 25 days old.

Miracle baby comes home

Baby Carla from South Africa was born at 25 weeks, weighing just 580 grams.  After 116 days she was finally able to go home. Read more about Carla's story here.

Premature baby goes home after spending four months in NICU

Isabella Grace, from the United States, spent four months in the NICU after been born at 25 weeks.  Her parents were intially told that her chances of making it were not good. Now is perfectly healthy and at home with her parents.

Dad shares emotional journey of his 'miracle' baby boy who weighed less than a bag of sugar.

Check out this heartwarming video and read the story of baby Nicholas from the UK, who was born weighing less than a bag of sugar.

Hand in hand at seven weeks, the twins fighting for life

Lily and Grace Johnstone from the United Kingdom were born 13 weeks early, weighing just 2lb.  They spent their first seven weeks apart as they battled to survive but the moment they were put back together in the incubator they reached out for each other.

Kangaroo Care: 8 benefits of skin-to-skin contact for babies

Read about eight of the benefits of kangaroo cuddles and American Rachel Avery Conley experience in a NICU here. 

Neonatal Ward gets new printer through Taranaki Neonatal Parent Support Group

Parents with children in the neonatal ward at Taranaki Base Hospital will be able to take a token of their newborn babies away with them. The ward has just got a new high quality Fuji photo printer so that parents can have a picture of their premature baby, thanks to New Zealand Tattoo and Art Festival, The Warehouse New Plymouth and funds raised from The Neonatal Trust Taranaki Parent Support Group Ball held in November last year.

Rhapsody Rest Home residents knit for Taranaki Neonatal Parents Support Group

Once a month women at Rhapsody Rest Home gather to create care pouches for Taranaki families with premature babies.  In between these meetings, when they put the Taranaki Neonatal Parents Support Group packs together, some members of the group knit items to add to the packs.


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