Our support

Lots of thank you's from Waikato!

The Trust in Waikato would like to thank Kids at Home, Farley Stent, The Girl on the Swing, The Warehouse, all of its knitters, bakers and cookers and all those others who have supported the Trust recently.

Christmas Parties

To celebrate Christmas 2014, the Trust in Dunedin, Christchurch and Wellington held wonderful Christmas parties to celebrate NICU graduates and to thank supporters of the Trust.

Berenshteyn Family's amazing donation

We would like to say a a huge thank you for the very generous donation the Trust in Auckland received in December from the Berenshteyn family.  Victor, Irina and their beautiful triplets Alice, Christie & Maggie donated enough funds for the purchase of a Phototherapy Light and Pram for the Auckland NICU. 

World Prematurity Day - Morning Teas

Thanks to the wonderful support of volunteers and businesses, we were able to provide morning tea to every NICU, SCBU and NU across New Zealand. We have created a public Facebook album and would like to thank the people and businesses listed here. 

Christmas Parties!

With Christmas looming, here are the details of our Christmas parties for 2014.

Thank you Pub Charity

The Neonatal Trust were extremely fortunate to receive delivery of five new breastpumps, thanks to a grant received from Pub Charity.  These breastpumps form part of our breastpump support service

Family Fun Day in Queenstown

The Queenstown Premature and Neonatal Babies Support Group are holding a family fun day fundraiser for Neonatal and Premature Babies, to coincide with World Prematurity Day.

Nelson to celebrate World Prematurity Day

Past and present parents of NICU/SCBU babies in Nelson, and SCBU nurses are celebrating World Prematurity Day by having a celebratory afternoon tea the day before!

New NICU Parent Library in Wellington

Wellington has a new NICU Parent Library filled with children's books for parents to read to their babies while in the NICU.  Our thanks go to The Breeze, Room 4 at St Patrick's School in Paraparaumu and the graduates who donated books.

The Warehouse "Plastic Bags for Good" help out The Neonatal Trust

The Neonatal Trust in Waikato has been one of the recipients of the donations made from The Warehouse’s ‘Plastic Bags for Good’ Initiative.


Thank you to The Neonatal Trust's Partners