Our support

New NICU Parent Library in Wellington

Wellington has a new NICU Parent Library filled with children's books for parents to read to their babies while in the NICU.  Our thanks go to The Breeze, Room 4 at St Patrick's School in Paraparaumu and the graduates who donated books.

The Warehouse "Plastic Bags for Good" help out The Neonatal Trust

The Neonatal Trust in Waikato has been one of the recipients of the donations made from The Warehouse’s ‘Plastic Bags for Good’ Initiative.

Inara's story

Our journey began in 2010 when we found out we would be having a high needs baby due to a severe birth defect detected at our 12 week scan.  We continued on with a pregnancy that was very difficult, even after knowing that our baby’s  odds were a mere 5% chance of survival due to severe right sided Diaphragmatic Hernia (CDH), meaning most of her internal organs were in her chest cavity crushing her heart and damaging her lungs....

At home in hospital

Since April last year the Neonatal Trust Parent Support Group in Taranaki has worked on upgrading the bedrooms and lounge area in the neonatal ward.

New Breast Pumps in Auckland

The Neonatal Trust (Auckland) are excited by the arrival of 12 Symphony Medela Breast Pumps which can be rented out to mothers who are returning home with their baby. The Trust is very grateful for the generous support from the donors who have contributed to this project. ...

New lamps and clocks in Wellington

The Wellington NICU rooming-in rooms are a wee bit more like home with new bedside lamps and clocks purchased by The Neonatal Trust (Wellington).

New feeding pumps for Wellington NICU

In October 2013, The Neonatal Trust (Wellington) held a Spring Prom.  The funds raised went towards the purchase of new feeding pumps in the Wellington NICU.  We are excited to report that the new pumps arrived in June 2014.

Otago Baby Simulator

The Dunedin NICU recently received a newborn ‘Baby Sim' simulation doll, purchased using funds raised from The Neonatal Trust (Otago) Ball in 2013 and donations from the Community Trust of Otago and The Trusts Community Foundation.   This "hi tec" baby doll is able to be programmed with scenarios which enable all the neonatal staff to witness clues and consequences...    almost as in real life.

Amazing "makeover" at Taranaki Base Hospital

Taranaki Base Hospital has been lucky enough to have some amazing ‘makeovers’ done thanks to the generous support of Pacific Wall Coverings/Resenes New Plymouth, Freedom Furniture, Masons Appliances, Cleggs Furniture Court, Lions, and the kindness of many wonderful families.

June Partner of the Month: WaterWipes

This month we want to say an extra special thanks to WaterWipes, our Partner of the Month for June.  As part of its partnership with The Neonatal Trust, WaterWipes, generously donates free WaterWipes packs, the world’s purest baby wipe, to be provided to families of premature and sick babies in Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICUs)...  


Thank you to The Neonatal Trust's Partners