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Tummy Time

Working with Baby Sensory, we're pleased to announce a new support resource "Tummy Time".

If your baby finds being on his tummy physically uncomfortable, introduce tummy time gradually, two or three times a day for a few minutes. It will eventually become part of your baby’s daily routine and he will learn, play and practise essential head control movements in this position. Make sure your baby is safe and attended

Activity across New Zealand in July 2019

There's a range of activity happening in our regions in July. We've pulled this together into one page as an overall update. . . 

Essentials of Baby Play

Play is fundamental to healthy brain development.  It can be quiet or noisy, energetic or passive, social or non-social, relaxed or serious, imaginative or purposeful.  With the team at Baby Sensory, we're pleased to annouce a new support resource, Essentials of Baby Play.

Neonatal Research Update

Dr Max Berry is a consultant neonatologist who works in the Wellington Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) and also a Senior Lecturer in Paediatric Health for the University of Otago (Wellington) The Neonatal Trust is proud to have supported Dr Berrys research since 2013. Read the latest update provided by her and the team on the incredible, world leading research being undertaken right here in New Zealand.  

Improving the mental wellbeing of wāhine Māori

Innovation Unit is working on a project to improve the hauora of Māori mothers, and are looking to kōrero with wāhine Māori who have experienced any kind of mental distress from becoming hapū, up to your pēpi being 1 year old and have now come to a better place and are happy to share your story. Your experiences and whakaaro will inform new ideas to better support mothers through this time, which will be then be co-designed and tested with Māori mothers, whānau and health professionals

Supporting the Otago Nursing Excellence Awards

The Neonatal Trust, in conjunction with the Donald Malcolm Research & Educaton Fund, were delighted to support the 2019 Otago Nursing Excellence Awards as part of International Nurses Day on 12

New recliners for Christchurch Neonatal Unit

The Neonatal Trust were proud to present 6 brand new recliner chairs to the Christchurch Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) thanks to Alicia Gainsford and her niece Lilly.

Activity across New Zealand in June

There's a range of activity happening in our regions in June. We've pulled this together into one page as an overall update. . . 

2019 Kangaroo cuddles awareness day

May 15th is International Kangaroo Cuddle Awareness day so there’s no better time to share some information on this practise - which is great for both babies and parents.

NEW Baby Milestone Cards

Want to capture a special moment in time? NEW Baby Milestone cards available from your neonatal unit team.


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