Personal stories

Levi's story

Levi was born on the 8th of March, 2012 at 7.26am, weighing 8lb 6oz, seemily a healthy happy baby and nothing could have prepared his parents for the journey they were about to go on

Volunteer knitting for New Zealands most vulnerable

Dunedin neonatal unit has received 40 beanies thanks to a kind volunteer and her friends!

Our very own Superman

"The milestones are different in the NICU, like the first time baby can breathe by themselves, the first time they open their eyes after weeks of waiting, the first time they have a blanket you can tuck around them, the first time they fit new born clothes, the first time the suck/swallow/breathe reflex is strong enough to breastfeed, the first time . . .      "

Mojo plus cookies equals more support

The Neonatal Trust and Mojo have teamed up to sell 'Have a Heart' cookies in May - the month of Mothers Day! 

A big thanks to The Body Shop

The Neonatal Trust currently has the privilege of having 'Action stations' in all of retail stores of The Body Shop in New Zealand! (Through to 23 April 2018).

A new way to support The Neonatal Trust

Gift vouchers have been launched by The Good Registry, introducing a new way to support The Neonatal Trust . . .

The very early arrival of Gabrielle

Read about the beautiful and tiny Gabrielle and the reasons why her mum Regina now gives back to The Neonatal Trust

Helping parents through a rocky start

I went through NICU with my wee boy Reuben, who’s now five and just started school. At 24 weeks, I went into spontaneous labour — we still have no idea why. It was a big shock and very stressful once he was here, with critical matters of life and death. I knew nothing; I didn’t even know babies survived at that gestation. . .   

Neonatal baby becomes neonatal researcher

I was born by emergency C-section at exactly 26 weeks gestation on April 25th 1995 at Wellington Hospital. I weighed approximately 900 grams, I had a head of auburn hair, and my eyes were still fused shut – I wasn’t quite ready to say hello to anyone yet . . . 

Sam's life by numbers

"I can’t stress enough that some days you will wonder if it will ever get easier and you will sometimes feel utterly powerless, but it WILL get better and your lives WILL return to “normal”. Make sure you take time for yourselves when you can and always accept help when offered. It can be a long journey but it can be very rewarding and will instil in you a sense of resilience you never thought possible"


Thank you to The Neonatal Trust's Partners