Personal stories

Carter's story

Carter recently reached his due date, and a milestone of 102 days in the NICU.

Angus and Tracy's story

Tuesday 27th May 2014 is a date indelibly etched on our memories.  A day we had strived towards; struggled towards; prayed for and received and sent all other forms of healing and hope possible.  We were not proud – all help accepted!

Luke and Brielle's Story

The morning of New Year’s Day 2004, I woke to find a lot of blood surrounding me. My husband Brendon and I rushed to Palmerston North Hospital and were soon told that our baby was on the way...

Amazing Otaki Girls

Recently we reported that three Otaki girls who were premature did extremely well in their school cross country.  Here is the full story as they continued to well in the area and regional competitions!

Breastfeeding our Prem - Larina's Story

Larina is Mum to three children.  Eli, her third, was born prematurely.  Here she shares her story of managing to breastfeed Eli despite all the challenges as an encouragement to those walking a similar path.

Marla Sokoloff’s Blog: Sharing Olive’s (Early!) Birth Story

On 13 March, celebrity blogger Marla Sokoloff welcomed her second child, Olive Mae, at 34 weeks. 

Maddison's Story

The 19th of December 2014, a day we will never forget, after watching countless parents leave the unit with their precious bundles, it was finally our turn to take Maddison home. If you had told us a few months before, that we would finally be leaving the unit, we probably wouldn’t have believed you.

Hallie turns two

Meet Hallie, a 25+2 weeker who turned two on 14 April (she should have been 2 on the 26th July!)  Her Mum, Belinda, wanted to share so others can see little babies can turn out perfectly healthy and to not be scared.

Lucky little three a happy crowd

Triplets Molly, Joshua and Cameron were born at 25 weeks gestation on April 13 last year at Starship hospital,weighing the equivalent of a block and a half of butter each and measuring slightly longer than a ballpoint pen.  After spending their first three months in hospital and surviving a host of complications, they are now about to turn one. 

Elias's Story

Life in our house was noisy, crazy and busy. I was in my second trimester with our third baby, I was still trying to come to terms with how a third child could ever survive alongside his two boisterous brothers (2 and 4yrs old) but took comfort that there were still nearly 4 months to go… or so I thought!


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