Power for Good supporting The Neonatal TrustIn May 2018, the wonderful folk at Powershop launched 'Power for Good', a new way to top up your power while supporting local charities.  The Neonatal Trust was privileged to be the initial charity being supported!
Here's some details of this great initiative, plus example of the other ways they have supported . . .

‘Power for Good’

The Neonatal Trust was absolutely privileged to have the support of Powershop.

Powershop launched their ‘Power for Good’ Powerpack, from which a portion of each purchase (approx. $2.00 from each $10.00) will go to The Neonatal Trust.   How.  Good.  Is.  That?!
Learn more about ‘Power for Good’ in this video: 

Just one example . . .

‘Power for Good’ is but one example of Powershop’s great community spirit. It follows this recent support of The Neonatal Trust:

  • Powershop Mother's Day PackingEvery year The Neonatal Trust organises a ‘Pick-me-up’ pack for every Mum with a baby in a neonatal unit on Mother’s Day. We get wonderful support from a range of organisations and it’s quite the task organising 360+ packs to be sent across New Zealand.  The image to the right shows some of the Powershop team helping out with the packing of the thousands of items in the packs. The help wasn’t limited to the staff, as they let us use their large meeting room to store and pack the items
  • Mother's Day 2018 Powershop PowerbankNot content with providing volunteer resource, they then provided hundreds of powerbanks so that each Mother would receive one in the ‘Pick-me-up’ packs. Powerbanks are perfect for these packs as life with a baby in a neonatal unit can be quite the juggle  - and having a way to keep your phone and/or device charged during long days in a neonatal unit and/or when running around can be a huge help.


Support those who support us!

Thanks Powershop from The Neonatal Trust

If you’re a Powershop customer, please consider the ‘Power for Good’ Powerpack option.

If you’re with another power company, and considering switching, think Powershop!
If you choose Powershop, you'll be in great hands!
Check out details of their People’s Choice Award from Consumer NZ, and the Canstar Blue award for Most Satisfied Customers (Electricity Providers) in this blog post

Thanks Powershop!

The Neonatal Trust is delighted and privileged to have the support of Powershop
We receive no government funding and are reliant on great supporters like Powershop. Their efforts, and that of our other supporters, donators and volunteers, help us to provide our support to families going through the stress and anxiety of a neonatal journey. For example:
  • Check out this gallery of many examples of the way we support neonatal families and their precious babies
  • We fund neonatal research plus help to provide a patient voice in research and enhanced care initiatives. Learn more about this here
  • Written with the help of parents who have been there, we produce support material for families. Details and examples can be viewed here



Thank you to The Neonatal Trust's Partners