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The Neonatal Trust (Canterbury) was established in 2011 by five parents of premature babies.  Originally three of the parents set about establishing a support network for parents of premature and/or sick newborn babies by hosting a coffee morning in the Neonatal Unit in 2008.  It was with great pleasure that we were then able to form The Neonatal Trust (Canterbury) in the aftermath of our Canterbury earthquakes which started in September 2010. One of our first major projects enabled us to give at risk families taking their baby/babies home from the Neonatal Unit piece of mind by providing them an emergency survival kit consisting of approximately 3 weeks supplies for baby along with torches, radios & survival blankets.

The primary focus of The Neonatal Trust (Canterbury) is to support families who are going through or have been through a neonatal journey.  All of our Trustees have had neonatal experience with babies born under 30 weeks gestation so can relate well to the challenges that parents and their family’s may experience.

We run a number of parent support groups including:

  • 2nd & 4th Tuesday of the month coffee group for mothers (currently in the unit);
  • Mother’s Day and Father’s Day suppers;
  • monthly playgroup/coffee group for NICU children and parents; and
  • Christmas Party.

The Trust is also committed to helping support the purchase of items for the care of babies/parents of the Neonatal Unit of Christchurch Hospital.

We do not receive any government or institutional funding. All of our funds come from the generosity of organisations and individuals who want to support us.

If you would like to contact a member of the Trust, please do not hesitate to email us on

We look forward to hearing from anyone that is interested in supporting the work we do or from any neonatal family that would like to know more.
Sally Gregory
The Neonatal Trust (Canterbury)

Every year 300 babies pass through the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) in Dunedin. We're commited to supporting these families through the stress and anxiety of thier journey and enhancing the care of their precious babies. Whenever possible we also wish to raise awareness. Here's a couple of examples of Dunedin neonatal journeys that we helped to tell:


Every year, over 800 babies are cared for in the Christchurch NICU, The Neonatal Trust currently offers:

1.  Support packs
A "Welcome to the Unit" Support pack with knitting, information, a pen, and more.  

2.  Equipment support
We've provided a range of support to benefit neonatal families - both directly and indirectly.
An example of a direct example is providing La Z Boy chairs for the comfort of parents during the long hours in the NICU, and for Kangaroo Cuddles.

3.  Celebrating special events
To acknoweldge special days such as Mothers Day, Fathers Day, World Prematurity Day and Christmas Day, volunteers put together gift packs to give to each family currently staying in the unit, adding a little cheer to their day. As an example, here's some detail on Neonatal Secret Santa.