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What we offer

For the Waikato NICU, The Neonatal Trust currently offers:

Support Packs1.  Support packs
On arrival to the NICU each family receives a "Welcome to the Unit" Support pack.  

2.  Coffee and playgroup
A monthly coffee and playgroup for NICU graduates and their families. This is a great way to connect with and support families currently in the unit.

3.  Subsidised Breastpump hire service
We have hospital grade Breastpumps available for hire at great rates. Check out the details here

4.  Equipment support
We've provided a range of support to benefit neonatal families - both directly and indirectly.
An example of a direct example is providing La Z Boy chairs for the comfort of parents during the long hours in the NICU, and for Kangaroo Cuddles.
Indirectly, neonatal families benefit from the development of nurses skills from using the 'Baby Sim' Baby Simulator training tool.

5.  Celebrating special events
To acknoweldge special days such as Mothers Day, Fathers Day, World Prematurity Day and Christmas Day, volunteers put together gift packs to give to each family currently staying in the unit, adding a little cheer to their day. As an example, here's some detail on Neonatal Secret Santa.

This local activity comes on top of our nationwide support of all kiwi neonatal families.Examples of this include:


The Neonatal Trust (Waikato) currently offers:

  • an ear to listen and a shoulder to lean on for parents with babies in, or who have graduated from, NICU;
  • a ‘Welcome to Waikato NICU’ pack, with relevant information and products from our sponsors;
  • funds for scrapbooking items for parents to use in their baby's NICU journal;  
  • a stock of breast pumps that can be hired by mothers living beyond easy reach of the NICU;
  • materials for ‘Wookies’ in order to aid in the bonding and general welfare of new mothers and babies, when necessary;
  • a monthly coffee and playgroup for NICU graduates and their families. (We are currently looking for a new venue that can be used year round, and will provide a safe, healthy meeting place through the winter months.  Please watch this space for details!);
  • funding for breakfasts for mums in NICU;
  • a hand-made merino wrap/ blanket for each long term NICU baby when they ‘graduate’;
  • gifts and special morning teas for Mums and Whānau on special days, such as Easter, Christmas and World Prematurity Day (17 November).