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  • 27/07/15

    Earlier this year, on 27 February 2015, The PwC Foundation hosted a charity fundraising relay. The Neonatal Trust were appreciative and very grateful to have been selected as one of the beneficiary charities

    We could like to acknowledge and express our gratitude to PwC for their continued support of The Neonatal Trust.  They really are helping us to make a difficult start to life that little bit easier

  • 27/07/15

    Larina is Mum to three children.  Eli, her third, was born prematurely.  Here she shares her story of managing to breastfeed Eli despite all the challenges as an encouragement to those walking a similar path.

We are dedicated to making a difficult start to life that little bit easier

The Neonatal Trust provides support to families of premature or sick full term babies as they make their journey through neonatal care, the transition home, and onwards. 

We are committed to supporting these courageous families and the people who care for them. We are able to provide the services we do due to the support we receive from many volunteers and also the below Partners. To learn about these great organisations, please click here.

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Our core focus is supporting families with the things that really matter when they are going through their neonatal journey. Recent donations went to buying chairs for comfortable breastfeeding and 'Kangaroo cuddles'


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You don't have to have had a baby in a NICU to get involved as a volunteer. Whatever contribution you can make, big or small, your help is very much welcomed by the Trust. You might want to do some knitting, help with managing our database of volunteers, or assist from time to time when you can with running events and fundraising. We are planning a National fundraiser in November 2014, based around World Prematurity Day, and some of the planned activity will be much more successful with volunteer support. Do join our database to be kept up to date with our plans.

Depending on the role, volunteers may be required to undergo a Police Check.


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