About the Neonatal trust


The Neonatal Trust was originally established in Wellington in 1986 by two Wellington families with extremely premature babies who saw a need for specialised support for parents experiencing a neonatal journey.

 Since then we have grown into a registered charity which operates across New Zealand working closely with all 23 neonatal units in order to support the families and babies that they care for. Like all not-for-profits we are heavily reliant on the goodwill of volunteers and community support which is in addition to the dedicated, passionate team employed by the Trust on a part-time basis.

We exist to provide, and coordinate, support to families of neonatal (premature or sick full term) babies as they make their journeys through newborn intensive care units (NICUs) and special care baby units (SCBUs), the transition home, and onwards. We have permanent team members based at the Auckland, Waikato, Wellington and Dunedin NICUs with a view to expanding to extra units over time.

Our funding model is dependant on the generosity of individuals, companies and organisations in the form of donations, value-in-kind donations, sponsorship and fundraising events to supplement operating costs and fund our services and initiatives. In addition to this we apply for grants from a variety of sources such as the Community Grants (COGS) programme, the Lottery Grants Board as well as other foundations across Aotearoa. Additionally we supplement this by hosting our own fundraising events such as our ‘Home & Garden’ tour and ’10 for 10’ campaign each year.

Our registered charity number is CC56619