Calling all Knitters

Calling all Knitters! 

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The Neonatal Trust loves wool!   
It’s a 100% natural fibre and plays an important part in keeping neonatal babies warm.

Synthetic and acrylic fibres are not breathable and can cause a baby to sweat and overheat – which is not ideal for a premature baby (whose body and mind need to focus on development) or a full-term baby experiencing health difficulties.

In 2016 we launched 'Woollen Wonders' which generated hundreds of knitted woollen items for neonatal babies, plus helped us raise great awareness. Check out this gallery for images of some of those who supported in 2016 - including the Mayors of all 5 main centres, plus others from Sheryl Mai in Whangarei down to Tim Shadbolt in Invercargill. The knitting helped us with raising awareness through media stories and on Facebook, etc (after which it was gifted to families with a baby in a neonatal unit).

For further information on Woollen Wonders, including details on the benefits of knitting plus volunteer profiles, head to this page:


What's involved?

  • Even if you are already knitting for The Neonatal Trust / your local hospital, we’d love it if you spared a few minutes to re-confirm your details
  • We will keep you up-to-date with our Woollen Wonders initiative
  • We are strong believers in Privacy and your details won’t be shared with anyone. We will only send you relevant information and do so on a very selective basis 

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