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A small journey through the NICU

My journey began when I was born in the Wellington Hospital 3 months early, missing the lower portion of my right leg and having only eight  fingers, my life began a little rough.

A Dads perspective, 7 years on

The scariest thing in the world (or so we thought at the time) was being told our wee boy was coming into the world....  Early....  16 weeks early!!  

HELLs Unholy Donuts supports The Neonatal Trust

The Neonatal Trust is proud and privileged to have the support of HELL for the month of September 2020 where $2 from every Unholy Donut sold will go to supporting the work of The Neonatal Trust.   

Face masks for Families

Up and down the country we have families in need of reusable facemasks, can you help us?

My Neonatal Journey with My Krishal

Our Krishal has reached a special milestone today – It’s a Double Digit Number “10”. Where has the interesting journey over the 10 years with you been my Big Boy?  Feels like a blink to how fast you have turned 10.

Neonatal Latch On

We know from experience that some NICU and SCBU Mums don't feel comfortable to join in with the Big Latch On as they're either not yet breastfeeding or may never breastfeed.  So this year, we came up with 'The Neonatal Latch On' for neonatal parents to join in the celebrations and encouraged them to show us their feeding journey 

Volunteer creates hundreds of theatre caps to support The Neonatal Trust

Wellington based volunteer Kaye Wilson has been busy sewing hundreds of fun and funky theatre caps to help support The Neonatal Trust.   These theatre caps are super popular and come in a variety of designs, such as animal designs for veterinary staff and childrens designs for dentists and surgeons operating on children.  

NICU Dads Coffee and Catch Up

We're pleased to announce there's now a group for neonatal dads!

Rewardhubs' new Donation Reminder is here

Here's an easier way to keep track of stores that pay free donations to local causes. We're excited to share the super easy-to-use Donation Reminder, it's a simple extension you add to Google Chrome, here’s how it works.

NEW Playgroup with Developmental Support for Dunedin

We are proud to announce a brand new Playgroup with Developmental Support group for those in the Dunedin Region! We've teamed up with the School of Physiotheraphy, and along with the help of University of Otago and Pacific Trust Otage, we're now able to provide assistance to more families on a neonatal journey.


Thank you to The Neonatal Trust's Partners