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NEW Parent Resource - Postnatal Depression

Most mothers have days when they feel really down. This is perfectly normal. Looking after a baby, being constantly on call and coping with the daily demands of life is not easy.   Working with Baby Sensory, we've produced a resource to help parents with Postnatal Depression.

A special Christmas delivery

Finn will be 5 this Christmas Day. Each stage had it’s own struggles but were equally met with huge rewards and I will forever be grateful to those who helped us on our neonatal journey.

Activity across New Zealand in December 2019

We have a range of activity happening across NZ in December, please read below for your regional news

Three Challenges of being an NICU Parent

Watch this beautiful You Tube clip made by one incredibly brave Mum about the three biggest challenges face on their neonatal journey. 

Note: This video contains sensitive material regarding infant loss.

Neonatal Secret Santa 2019

Christmas day is a day for families to get together, be together and make memories. For hundreds of families this Christmas, their memories will be different to most with their baby (or babies, in the case of multiples) in a neonatal unit. There are over 350 incubators and cots in neonatal units . . . 

Becoming a Mother

A beautiful poem by Sarah about becoming a mum to her premature twins

Neonatal Transitional Care Project mother/caregiver Survey

The Neonatal Transitional Care Project Group are keen to hear from mothers whose babies needed more nursing and midwifery care than that required by a ‘well new-born’, especially those babies born from 35 weeks gestation.

Do Good Feel Good - with One Percent Collective

One Percent Collective helps to raise money for us and 13 other Kiwi-based charities. They’re a tiny crew of two people but they’re making a big difference!

Thank you Waikato NICU

Terehia Rakatau-Emery was delighted the first time she heard her son cry. 

An ordinary Mama with an extraordinary Babba

"I admire people that dedicate their careers to keep these little people in our world, literally a bunch of heroes and life savers. Little people are far stronger than what I have ever given them credit for. Modern science and medicine are phenomenal and the power of love and connection is what pieces it all together"


Thank you to The Neonatal Trust's Partners