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Neonatal research success

Dr Maria Saito Benz, who is currently working on her PhD under the supervision of Dr Max Berry, has just been awarded the New Investigator Award for Neonatology! 
The first part of her PhD thesis has been the NIMO-AI study (Near Infrared spectroscopy for Monitoring brain Oxygenation in Anaemic premature Infants) the first of our ‘NIMO’ series. . . 

Very real connection for The Body Shop

A current campaign with The Body Shop revealed a very real connection for the manager of their Nelson store.

"We're blessed because instead of feeling our babies growing inside of us, we get to watch our babies grow and develop from the outside and that's a real blessing'

Research confirms no long term effects

An ACTORDS study has found that the use of corticosteroids during pregnancy has had no adverse effects on brain development, cardiovascular or metabolic health. 

An evening of fundraising

It’s always great to get in the community and talk to people and raise awareness. On Saturday evening we were able to be present at the Wellington Phoenix game at Westpac Stadium . . .

Bellyful supporting Neonatal families

Juggling a new baby is difficult, let alone when they're 4 months early and you have other children to care for.  Bellyful can be a huge assistance when you're trying to fill hungry tummies during stressful times.  

April 2017 Partner of the Month - The Body Shop

We're grateful to all those who provide their ideas, time and donations to The Neonatal Trust. This month we want to say particular thanks to The Body Shop as our Partner of the Month for April!

Neonatal twins celebrate their first birthday

"We learned to find happiness in their strange little milestones and we began to enjoy the two tiny babies we did have"

Read all about the rough start these beautiful twins, Matilda and Penelope, had as their parents were continually told to simply "wait and see".


Leaving the Unit

Working with parents who have been there, we're developing more resources to help those on a neonatal journey. The arrival of a premature and/or sick baby can be an incredibly stressful and anxious time - while it is what you wanted, going home can be particularly stressful . . . 

Thanks to The Body Shop

The Neonatal Trust is privileged to have 'Action stations' in all New Zealand retail stores of The Body Shop!  For the period 13 March to 23 April 2017. Get into one of their stores, support them, and check it out.

March 2017 Partner of the Month: One Percent Collective

We're grateful to all those who provide their ideas, time and donations to The Neonatal Trust.
This month we want to say particular thanks to the One Percent Collective as our Partner of the Month for March!  


Thank you to The Neonatal Trust's Partners