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"Giraffe shuttle" helping babies at Waikato Hospital

Thanks to a new "Giraffe Shuttle" - donated by The Neonatal Trust - Waikato Hospital will be able to make it easier to move delicate, fragile pre-term babies 

Activity across New Zealand in April

There's a range of activity happening around New Zealand during the month of April.  We've pulled it all together into one overall update......

Dame Valerie Adams welcomes a new son - a little earlier than planned

Dame Valerie Adams has given birth to her second child weeks before the due date.

New Giraffe Shuttle for Waikato Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

The Waikato Neonatal intensive Care Unit (NICU) was kindly donated their first-ever Giraffe Shuttle from The Neonatal Trust thanks to the NZ Financial Markets Charity Golf Classic.

Feedback sought from neonatal graduates

The Australasian Paediatric Care Improvement group is made up of a team of doctors, nurses and other health providers that are looking to improve the care provided to children and families. 
A workshop is being held in April 2019 to look at improving the care for children with chronic conditions. . .    

World's tiniest newborn boy leaves hospital

Weighing in at just 268 grams and able to fit into a pair of cupped hands, a premature baby in Japan has become the smallest boy in the world to leave hospital safely.


FREE shipping for premature nappies

The Neonatal Trust are proud to advise a special code for getting FREE delivery of Huggies Little Snugglers Premature Nappies 30s (for babies up To 3kg)

A visual example of how tiny micro-prems are

Thanks to Huggies The Neonatal Trust has a beautiful boxed frame visual to show just show how small premature babies can be.  Pictured to the right, this is a wonderful new tool for us to raise awareness.  It will be used at events such as our upcoming Home & Garden Tour and other opportunities

Senseathon to benefit neonatal journeys

The Neonatal Trust is privileged to have the support of Baby Sensory  For some time, we've been working together and sharing information to help those on a neonatal journey.  Using their research based material, we've co-produced support material. . .  


Thank you to The Neonatal Trust's Partners