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New breastfeeding pillows for Hawkes Bay

The Neonatal Trust were pleased to be able to donate 3 new feeding pillows to Hawkes Bay Special Care Baby Unit (SCBU). 

Seven kids under 7 years old

On April 3 Esme Moala had Israel, Emmanuel and Eliana. This made the household 7 kids under 7 years of age . . .

St John ambulance officers save baby born at 25 weeks

Bella Torkington wasn't expected to survive when she was born at 25 weeks on a bathroom floor, but some plastic wrap and a sandwich bag helped her defy the odds. Baby Bella is now a picture of health, squawking and sucking her fingers and toes as she sits on mother Rachael Sibley, while dad Kyle Torkington tickles her knee. . . 

Research update, Unicorn Babies study

One of the major challenges in neonatal intensive care is to develop new ways to prevent brain injury from occurring. Creatine is a protein derivative that is essential for health, especially brain health. . . 

Support The Neonatal Trust with Trade Me

It's time to have a clear out!  Grab all those things you've been meaning to sell or get rid of and list them on Trade Me between 9 April and 15 April and you can help support the work of The Neonatal Trust. 

Financial support for early born babies

If your baby was expected to be born on or after 1 July 2018 but was born before 1 July, there is financial support available to you.

New Tumbleform chairs for The Waikato NICU

The Neonatal Trust has donated three Tumbleform chairs to benefit parents going through a neonatal journey in Waikato Hospital’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU).

A new way to support The Neonatal Trust

Gift vouchers have been launched by The Good Registry, introducing a new way to support The Neonatal Trust . . .

New micro premmie nappies for New Zealand

Super small, specifically designed Huggies nappies are now available in New Zealand.  These super-small nappies were launched in the United States in February 2017, and are now used by neonatal nurses at Auckland, Middlemore, Waikato, Wellington and Christchurch Hospitals after successful trials.

Waikato has an incubator donation box

​We are delighted to have added to our 'fleet' of incubator donation boxes, with an out-of-service incubator recycled into an awareness and fundraising tool. This new donation box is now based in the Waikato . . . 


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