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Baby Sensory to support The Neonatal Trust

The Neonatal Trust is proud to be supported by Baby Sensory  To provide support to The Neonatal Trust, Baby Sensory are planning on running a 'Senseathon' fundraiser in 2019.  Watch this space for more details, but for now we can share:

  • The Senseathon will be a fun, themed event run by Baby Sensory.  Parents and their babies/toddlers will . . .    

Neonatal November 2018

In 2017 we launched 'Neonatal November'.  One of the key drivers for this was to have a wider period of time to raise awarness of neonatal journeys.  In addition, we were conscious that there are many 'non-premature' neonatal journeys each year (ie the full-term babies with health issues and/or complications) and we wanted to widen beyond World Prematurity Day on November 17th.  

Activity across New Zealand in October

There's a range of activity happening in our regions in October. We've pulled this together into one page as an overall update.

Simulators enable enhanced training in Waikato NICU

'Premature Anne' training simulator manikins were donated to Waikato Hospital’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) to provide realistic training experiences for medical professionals who work with these tiny babies. 

Harrison 21 years later

I learnt not to expect or compare his journey to that of any other full-term baby. He did everything in his own time.

Family gives back by donating 68 jumpsuits

A family who credit their baby's life to the Special Care Baby Unit at Whangarei has showed their gratitude by donating 68 jumpsuits for premature babies at the unit.

Neonatal nurse and baby reconnect after 28 years

A wonderful story of a neonatal nurse reconnecting with a baby she cared for 28 weeks earlier!  Twenty-eight years ago, neonatal intensive care nurse Vilma Wong cared for a premature baby, Brandon Seminatore, who weighed only 2 lbs., and 6 oz.

Chelsea - Our little miracle

After 4 years and 3 rounds of IVF we were lucky to finally get pregnant.  I had a very eventful pregnancy with multiple stays in hospital for hyperemesis gravidarum.

Activity across New Zealand in September

There's a range of activity happening in our regions in September. We've pulled this together into one page as an overall update. 

Behind the scenes, Fathers Day packs

On Sunday 2nd September, we delivered hundreds of 'Pick-me-up' packs to neonatal dads on Father's Day.  The delivery of these packs provides a good case study into many of our support activities - many of which benefit from the philosophy 'Many hands make light work'.  


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