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Phil's greatest ride

On Thursday March 12, about 19 days and 20 pies after I began my ride, I rolled into Bluff a bit weary but very satisfied. An amazing adventure, I've met a bunch of inspiring people, forged great memories and experienced some amazing hospitality while I visited parts of our country I didn't know existed. 

Easter cookies!

If you’re looking for a little something to feel good about right about now, check out our Easter fundraising campaign on Rewardhub. Our friends at Molly Woppy have been busy hand making limited edition gingerbread Easter bunnies dipped in white chocolate, and short bread Easter eggs dipped in dark chocolate. So good!!!

Entertainment Memberships 2020

You can help support the work of The Neonatal Trust by purchasing an Entertainment membership.  A percentage of all sales goes to The Neonatal Trust to help us continue our support of families of premature or sick full term babies as they make their journey through Neonatal Intensive Care, the transition home, and onwards.

Cleverly crafty

Looking for something crafty to do? Got a friend or family member who’s keen to support or learn a new skill? You can do this and support some of New Zealand’s tiniest and most vulnerable babies at the same time! 

First birthday celebrations support The Neonatal Trust

Iqbal has raised more than $8000 for the Neonatal Trust on Givealittle to mark Amairah's birthday, and said her message to parents facing a similar situation was to "believe in miracles".

Supporting Lower Hutt SBCU

The Neonatal Trust were proud to recently donate some items to Lower Hutt Special Care Baby Unit.  

Support and Developmental Groups for March 2020

Check out what support groups are on in your region this month

Same nurse cares for father and son born premature three decades apart

Three decades ago, Caldwell's late mother, Ida Bell, who called McGowan "nurse Lissa," became so attached to her son's caretaker that she included a picture of the smiling nurse and bundled baby in a photo album, Freydin told The Washington Post. Three decades later, the parents spotted the snapshot.

Jacob's emergency entrance

I still struggle 6 months on with what we didn't get. I didn't get to look "really" pregnant, we couldn't establish  breastfeeding, we didn't get to have skin to skin as soon as he was born, we didn't get a calm birth we had planned.
Each day I have to drive past Masterton hospital and each day I feel as though I'm still reliving it.  But I also remember we now have a gorgeous boy who lights up our whole world and I wouldn't change a thing.


Sophie's early arrival

I held her for two minutes, if that, and she was whisked away. I didn’t think my first baby would be taken straight to SCBU straight after delivery


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