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2018 Kangaroo cuddles awareness day

May 15th is International Kangaroo Cuddle Awareness day so there’s no better time to share some information on this great practise.

Best Start payments can now be applied for when registering your babys birth

As an update to our website note earlier this year (On 23rd March - this is copied below in full for you) Best Start payments can now be applied for when registering your baby’s birth. If your baby was due on or after 1 July 2018 but born early, you may be eligible for Best Start payments. . . 

Neonatal units receive state of the art Premature Anne manikins

The Neonatal Trust recently donated two 'Premature Anne' manikins to Wellington and Waikato neonatal units.  They are state of the art, realistically proportioned 25 week premature manikins, designed for simulation training for healthcare professionals involved in resuscitation and care of premature babies. . . 

Mothers Day pick me up

Mother's Day is special day for many.  For hundreds of families on Sunday 13th May, their memories will be different to most. There are over 350 incubators and cots in neonatal units across New Zealand. While the unit is the best place for the care of their baby (or babies, in the case of multiples) they would love to be home on Mother's Day. We have organised a pick-me-up package . . .  

Introducing Power for Good

The wonderful folk at Powershop have launched 'Power for Good', a new way to top up your power while supporting local charities, and they have chosen The Neonatal Trust to partner with for the launch. . .

Govt agrees to payment for widower raising baby

A widower, with a premature baby, who was unable to receive paid parental leave after his wife died in childbirth will be compensated by the Government.

​Rescue chopper helps with birth of premature twins

The Rotorua-based BayTrust Rescue Helicopter has been essential in getting specialist help to a woman in premature labour with twins.

May activity across New Zealand

In May, the month of Mothers Day, there's a range of activity happening. We've pulled this together into one page as an overall update. . . 

Treatment breakthrough for babies with chronic lung disease

Up to 60 per cent of pre-term babies develop bronchopulmonary dysplasia (BPD) but an exciting discovery could help save them from a lifetime of health concerns. 

Mojo plus cookies equals more support

The Neonatal Trust and Mojo have teamed up to sell 'Have a Heart' cookies in May - the month of Mothers Day! 


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