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Three reasons a journal is essential for parents of premature babies

Jennifer Degl was never much of a writer, but when a NICU nurse gave her a piece of paper and a pen one morning to calm her frustrations at not being able to see her 23 week old daughter Joy, her pain and anger turned into words of empowerment.

Born prematurely 25 years ago, woman now a nurse at hospital that saved her life

Mallory Marconi, from America, was born at 26 and a half weeks 25 years ago.  She now works as a nurse at the hospital where her life began. 

Lucky little three a happy crowd

Triplets Molly, Joshua and Cameron were born at 25 weeks gestation on April 13 last year at Starship hospital,weighing the equivalent of a block and a half of butter each and measuring slightly longer than a ballpoint pen.  After spending their first three months in hospital and surviving a host of complications, they are now about to turn one. 

Twins born 8 weeks early get care in NICU where Mum was treated 30 years ago

Two newborn sisters in America are being cared for the same NICU where their mother spent time 30 years ago.

Jan leaves neonatal career on a high note

Jan Seuseu, Charge Nurse Manager at the Dunedin NICU is retiring at the end of this month.  The Otago Daily Times interviewed Jan before retiring.   Picking the high point of 15 years as charge manager at Dunedin Hospital's neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) is not too difficult for her....

April Partner of the Month - Matt Renner

We couldn't exist without the wonderful people and organisations who support us. We're incredibly grateful to all those who provide their ideas, time and donations. This month we want to say an extra special thanks to Matt Renner.

One father's guide to surviving the neonatal unit

The neonatal unit sound's scary and daunting, it does not have to be a negative experience says Marc Shoffman from the United Kingdom. Both Marc and Danielle Shoffman's daughter's were born premature, Isabelle was born nine weeks early while Amelie was born six weeks early.

Mum and Dad's hugs bring baby back to life

Five years ago Kate Ogg was in labour with twins - she was just 26 weeks pregnant, and these were her first children.  Tragically, after labour the Queenslander was told that her baby girl Emily was doing fine, but that her baby boy - Jamie - had passed away.  On that day the doctors said that there was nothing they could do, but Jamie is now alive and a happy five year old boy.

Some infants prone to early birth

Recent winner of the 'Best Research in Prematurity' award, Dr. Joseph Biggio of the University of Alabama shares his research into DNA strains causing some infants to be born prematurely. Biggio discovered that a baby could be anywhere between 2 to 11 times more likely to be born early if four particular genes are missing. 

Anna Faris was 'in denial' over son's premature birth

The 38-year-old "Mom" star is opening up about her difficult child birth with her now two-year-old son Jack.  Jack actually came out almost two months early, and Faris gets candid about the scary experience.


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