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The Smallest Among Us: Inside the NICU at Baystate Children’s Hospital in Springfield, Massachusetts

"For all [the] families, the NICU is a place they would rather not be – but, given the circumstances, it is a place that they love.”  A beautiful look inside the NICU at Baystate Children’s Hospital in Springfield, Massachusetts.

American neonatal nurse working in NICU where she spent the first three months of life

Brienne Filimov works at the NICU in Rockford Memorial Hospital in Rockford, Illinois. It is the same place where she spent the first 3 months of her life after being born 8 weeks early.

Otago Med Students knit baby woollies for NICU

University of Otago medical students have been using their spare time to knit items and raise money for Dunedin Hospital’s NICU.

Graduate Nurse heads back to where her life started

Caitlin Cowan has gained a position as a graduate nurse in the Canterbury DHB’s Nursing Entry to Practice programme (NetP), working the NICU.  Only 22 years ago, she was starting her life in the very same place, spending three months in the NICU after being born at 26 weeks gestation.

Anne Geddes unveils new image of a baby born too soon

Internationally-acclaimed baby photographer Anne Geddes has unveiled an image of a premature baby, cradled in the hand of a Leonardo da Vinci inspired sculpture, which will be shared worldwide to raise awareness of pre-term birth.

Trial "Hunger Provocation Programme" at Starship

Starship Hospital has launched a pilot programme teaching chldren on feeding tubes to to eat and drink themselves.  It is estimated there are more than 600 tube-fed children in New Zealand, and one in four are appropriate for tube weaning. Four patients have been selected for the roll out of the programme this month.

Maternal singing calms preemies and their mothers: study

For preemies, the combination of hearing mother’s voice softly singing while being held against her skin can have a number of health benefits - and it helps moms, too, a new study suggests.  When mothers in a neonatal intensive care unit sang while holding their preterm infants in a skin-to-skin “kangaroo care” position, the babies’ heart rate improved compared to when they were held without singing. Mothers’ anxiety levels dropped as well.

At home in hospital

Since April last year the Neonatal Trust Parent Support Group in Taranaki has worked on upgrading the bedrooms and lounge area in the neonatal ward.

Beautiful time-lapse video shows premature baby transform in first three months of his life

A premature baby's incredible transformation in the first 100 days of his life has been captured in a moving time-lapse video.

Old phones help new arrivals

Wellington Phoenix defender Ben Sigmund and wife Deanna are at the forefront of the Mojo Neonatal Trust Phone Appeal.  Their son Cameron was born three months premature in 2010.  "It's our way to help as best we can, to show our appreciation for pretty much saving our son's life," Sigmund says.


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