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Brody Sheppard arrives back home

Brody Sheppard is doing what any newborn should, even though his due date is not for another three weeks. At 8 weeks old, Brody went home for the first time yesterday...

Waikato doctor receives top national prize

Accolades for the Waikato nurse practitioner behind the life changing Sugar Babies study just keep coming.  Dr Deborah Harris’ thesis on neonatal hypoglycaemia has received a University of Auckland’s Vice Chancellor’s Prize for Best Doctoral Thesis in 2013. The Sugar Babies study ran between 2008-2010...

Five reasons why Dads should practise kangaroo care

Pregnancy, labour, childbirth and baby care are terms that have always been associated with mothers. In the midst of all the joys and triumphs of labour and childbirth we often tend to side step the father.
But Dads, did you know that you have an important role to play right after your baby is born?

Turning Hardship into Hope

Jack Bennion, aka Super Jack, was born May 15, 2009, just 23 weeks and two days into Jessi’s pregnancy. He weighed 1 pound, 2 ounces. He was born a micro preemie, a term used to describe babies weighing less than two pounds or born at less than 28 weeks gestation.

Tube feeding in the news

Inara Lintott had only a 5 percent chance of survival at birth – tube feeding saved her life. But, as the months and years went by, her mother Bonnie feared tube feeding was failing their little girl....

The benefits of cuddles

A great article that sums up the benefit of contact for your babies. Doctors say that when cuddled, babies can experience more relaxation, high blood oxygenation, better pain tolerance and more stable body temperature...

Birth drama in paddock

Prem baby makes surprise entry to world in remote spot so specialist on holiday just minutes away called in to help.

New facility hailed as 'world-class'

Dunedin Hospital's new Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) and Children's Ward is ''world-class'', providing reassurance for parents, and an excellent training facility for young specialists, Prime Minister John Key said yesterday, at the official opening of the $7 million unit.

Steriod use for premature babies

Steroids are given to premature babies to help their lungs develop. But while it's safe for some, researchers say their studies reveal it could actually harm a very small number of babies.

Middlemore Hospital prepares to move newborns into new clinic

Babies needing specialist care will now be treated in the new state-of-art neonatal care unit at Middlemore Hospital. 


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