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Otago Baby Simulator

The Dunedin NICU recently received a newborn ‘Baby Sim' simulation doll, purchased using funds raised from The Neonatal Trust (Otago) Ball in 2013 and donations from the Community Trust of Otago and The Trusts Community Foundation.   This "hi tec" baby doll is able to be programmed with scenarios which enable all the neonatal staff to witness clues and consequences...    almost as in real life.

Amazing "makeover" at Taranaki Base Hospital

Taranaki Base Hospital has been lucky enough to have some amazing ‘makeovers’ done thanks to the generous support of Pacific Wall Coverings/Resenes New Plymouth, Freedom Furniture, Masons Appliances, Cleggs Furniture Court, Lions, and the kindness of many wonderful families.

June Partner of the Month: WaterWipes

This month we want to say an extra special thanks to WaterWipes, our Partner of the Month for June.  As part of its partnership with The Neonatal Trust, WaterWipes, generously donates free WaterWipes packs, the world’s purest baby wipe, to be provided to families of premature and sick babies in Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICUs)...  

The Neonatal Trust working with creator of Neonatal Navigator

The Neonatal Trust have been working alongside Judy Hitchcock, the creator of an amazing and very informative website:  www.neonatalnavigator.co.nz.  We have been supporting and endorsing the development of this application which we are promoting to families.

Auckland Developmental Playgroup

The Neonatal Trust (Auckland) Developmental Playgroup is for babies who have been through a NICU or SCBU unit.  It is appropriate for babies from when they go home from the unit, until they are cruising furniture.  If your baby is well, you may come when you feel ready...

Canterbury Playgroup Music and Movement Sessions

The music and movement sessions at The Neonatal Trust (Canterbury) monthly playgroup focus on the needs of children born prematurely...

The Neonatal Trust a big help for parents of premature babies

Greg and Amy Hewgill know all too well the troubles faced by parents of premature babies after watching their daughter, born 11 weeks early in a Chinese hospital, connected to machines for the first 76 days of her life.

New Breast Pumps in Waikato thanks to The Cambridge Christmas Festival Society

The Neonatal Trust in Waikato is therefore thrilled to be able to say a big thank you to The Cambridge Christmas Festival Society who have very generously donated three new Medela Symphony double breast pumps to the Trust.

Autumn newsletter out now

A fresh edition of our quarterly newsletter has just come off the press. Inside: The latest in neonatal news from all of our regions, the heart warming stories of what two NICU graduates are up to these days and much more.


Thank you to The Neonatal Trust's Partners