Our support

Multiple thanks for great support

We're privileged to have some great support coming our way!  Malcolm, one of our volunteers, participated in the last ever '9 in 10' competition with The Paul Henry Show and is generously donating $1,000 of this to us . . .

Neonatal Secret Santa

Christmas day is a day for families to get together, be together and make memories. For hundreds of families this Christmas, their memories will be different to most.

November 2016 Partner of the Month, WaterWipes

We're grateful to all those who provide their ideas, time and donations to The Neonatal Trust. This month we want to say an extra special thanks to WaterWipes, our Partner of the Month for November.

Supporter Profile: Taryn Ibell

We're extremely grateful to all those who provide their ideas, time, support and donations to The Neonatal Trust. We recently caught up with Taryn who's had three neonatal experiences and wanted to give back.  

Students knit for the Hamilton Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

Students of Rototuna Junior High School this week gifted a collection of knitting to Waikato Hospital's Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), including blankets, vests, hats, boots and teddy bears.

The Purple Butterfly initiative

Working with Multiples NZ, The Neonatal Trust are bringing the Purple Butterfly initiative to New Zealand. . .

Bringing Purple Butterflies to New Zealand.

Millie, a neonatal mum in the UK, had a great idea for reducing the stress and anxiety involved in certain neonatal journeys. With the blessing of Millie, and working with Multiples NZ, The Neonatal Trust are bringing 'The Purple Butterfly' initaitive to New Zealand.  

A successful Missing Type campaign for NZ Blood

So very important for many neonatal journeys, The Neonatal Trust is proud to have played a part in NZ Bloods 'Missing Type' campaign. 2,000 people registered to donate blood in just 10 days! A BIG thanks to all who played a part with Liking, Sharing the message, etc

Breakfast and support at Waikato NICU

Having a premature or sick new born baby can be an incredibly isolating experience.  Parents more often than not feel like they have been thrown into a situation that none of their friends or family can completely understand and that they don't have anyone who 'gets it' to talk to. Friday mornings in Waikato NICU offer parents an opportunity to . . . 

The Ne n t l Trust and 'Missing Type'

Those with a sharp eye may have noticed a different logo appear on our Facebook page yesterday.
Just like the image to the right, the letters 'a' and 'o' were removed. This is part of the NZ Blood 'Missing Type' campaign. . .  


Thank you to The Neonatal Trust's Partners