Personal stories

One of New Zealand's smallest babies to celebrate her first birthday

Born at 29 weeks and weighing 490 grams (1lb 1oz), Amairah was given 30% chance of survival, with possible severe disabilities.  She spent a total of 128 days in the NICU Auckland hospital, and is one of the tiniest babies born in New Zealand.  Now she's about to turn 1 and the family are choosing to raise funds to help the work of The Neonatal Trust.

A special Christmas delivery

Finn will be 5 this Christmas Day. Each stage had it’s own struggles but were equally met with huge rewards and I will forever be grateful to those who helped us on our neonatal journey.

Three Challenges of being an NICU Parent

Watch this beautiful You Tube clip made by one incredibly brave Mum about the three biggest challenges face on their neonatal journey. 

Note: This video contains sensitive material regarding infant loss.

Becoming a Mother

A beautiful poem by Sarah about becoming a mum to her premature twins

An ordinary Mama with an extraordinary Babba

"I admire people that dedicate their careers to keep these little people in our world, literally a bunch of heroes and life savers. Little people are far stronger than what I have ever given them credit for. Modern science and medicine are phenomenal and the power of love and connection is what pieces it all together"

Hyperemesis Gravidarum - a mums difficult pregnancy

I thought it was about time I shared my experience with pregnancy and child birth in its entirety. I figure getting it out there in the world will serve as some sort of cathartic cleansing, and also to raise awareness of a rare condition that robs you of the joy of pregnancy. 

In this month, I'm thankful for......

A beautifully written story about a mum who's incredibly thankful for all the people who help support the 'Neonatal World'

From then to now

I suppose the journey to motherhood was as far from what I had planned or imagined as possible. I never imagined I would be racing down the corridor about to give birth at 27 weeks 5 days via emergency caesarean. I never imagined that I could possibly be going through this when I visited the intensive care unit a few days prior when the labour started and the IV steroids were give

Ava's birth story - 34wks

I am writing Ava’s story on this, her 9th birthday. It’s hard to believe it was 9 years ago that our little girl came into the world at 34 weeks and 2 days weighing 2100g.

Ava's life - 23wks 5days

My life was not very easy at the start, I was a premature baby. Born at 23 weeks and 5 days and I weighed 645 grams. I spent about 4 months in the NICU, then I came home to my family.  


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