Personal stories

Starting Motherhood with Severe Preeclampsia and days of separation….

I choose to write a story from my perspective and then a detailed story of Frankie’s journey separate because often as parents we feel like we must always be ok, but we are often better parents when we acknowledge its ok to not be ok and with the right help we can feel ok again. Its an important lesson I learnt the hard way. Pretending I was ok when really, I was still dealing with health implications from my preeclampsia and blaming myself and my body for everything Frankie went through was so unhealthy.

Eddie's Adventure

Eddie’s adventure has shaped our lives and changed us for the better. We are stronger than we would have ever been and three years later the journey isn’t over.

Phil's greatest ride

On Thursday March 12, about 19 days and 20 pies after I began my ride, I rolled into Bluff a bit weary but very satisfied. An amazing adventure, I've met a bunch of inspiring people, forged great memories and experienced some amazing hospitality while I visited parts of our country I didn't know existed. 

Jacob's emergency entrance

I still struggle 6 months on with what we didn't get. I didn't get to look "really" pregnant, we couldn't establish  breastfeeding, we didn't get to have skin to skin as soon as he was born, we didn't get a calm birth we had planned.
Each day I have to drive past Masterton hospital and each day I feel as though I'm still reliving it.  But I also remember we now have a gorgeous boy who lights up our whole world and I wouldn't change a thing.


Sophie's early arrival

I held her for two minutes, if that, and she was whisked away. I didn’t think my first baby would be taken straight to SCBU straight after delivery

A Fathers love

A heart felt letter from a dad to his premature daughter......... "I remember breaking down in our room one afternoon after leaving you in hospital. I burst into tears without any warning. I couldn’t stop, all that was going through my head was Why us? Why again?"

Olive & Eliza

Finding out we were having twins was exciting, but also daunting. We joined the local multiple birth club and signed up for a multiples antenatal class. At that we learned that there was a higher likelihood a multiple birth may end up in NICU. A Dad shared how positive he found the NICU experience, which struck me as an interesting reflection, given I’d thought it was somewhere you wouldn’t want to be. He also recommended doing a tour of NICU, to get your head around things, just in case. 

Dear Kennedy

My darling girl, you decided to arrive very early. But you know what, I trusted you. I trusted you so much in knowing that you needed to come early. 27+6 is a number that I have read, heard and said so many times. This was the gestation of when you arrived, just over 12 weeks early. Kennedy girl, you gave me such a shock. Mumma thought she had a great plan, an elective c section (after a very traumatic birth with your brother, Brook). This did not happen, you pushed me into something that I never ever wanted to do

One of New Zealand's smallest babies to celebrate her first birthday

Born at 29 weeks and weighing 490 grams (1lb 1oz), Amairah was given 30% chance of survival, with possible severe disabilities.  She spent a total of 128 days in the NICU Auckland hospital, and is one of the tiniest babies born in New Zealand.  Now she's about to turn 1 and the family are choosing to raise funds to help the work of The Neonatal Trust.

A special Christmas delivery

Finn will be 5 this Christmas Day. Each stage had it’s own struggles but were equally met with huge rewards and I will forever be grateful to those who helped us on our neonatal journey.


Thank you to The Neonatal Trust's Partners