Personal stories

The early arrival of Alexis and Skylar

Any parent who has had a baby (or babies in our case) in NICU knows that you are a premmie parent for life. Our MoDi twin girls were born at 30 weeks weighing 1300gms and 841gms . . .

Welcome Dave Greenberg

The Neonatal Trust is privileged to announce that Dave Greenberg has joined as a Trustee. His knowledge of the social profit space and skills and experience in engagement, fundraising and health & safety space are very much welcomed - and will help us to enhance our support of neonatal families.

Amandas story

My story is not a recent one, in fact my daughter Amanda is now 30!  

Despite the fact it is now many years ago, the traumatic time that it was still remains fresh in my mind. I was a young Mum of 21, fit and healthy and certainly not expecting the rocky journey that lay ahead of me.

An evening talking motivations

Last week we had the privilege of working with One Percent Collective and hosting an evening event in the wonder

Celebrating Volunteers

It's National Volunteer week 18 - 25 June 2017.  We want to celebrate and acknowledge the wonderful support we receive from volunteers that enables our support of neonatal families. From hundreds of knitters, to volunteers who support with baking, fundraising, writing & editing, sewing and raising awareness - we simply could not function without volunteers.

Volunteer profile: Sarah Stephens

A consistent theme we encounter is the special people involved (in the care of neonatal babies and the wider support of the families). We're extremely grateful to all those who provide their ideas, time, support and donations to The Neonatal Trust.

We want to highlight these great people and below do so and thank the wonderful Sarah Stephens who has helped us support neonatal families in a number of different ways . . .  

Ethan's early arrival and journey

Read this beautifully written story as told by Ethans mum Nicky.

"I have been looking back through the scrapbooks I made to document his journey and it’s bought the memories back so vividly.  There are so many things you do not know until you are there in this world, this group – this amazing special group that you suddenly become part of"

A double 23 week miracle

Read all about 23week twins Devon and Lincoln and their 7 month neonatal journey.

Very real connection for The Body Shop

A current campaign with The Body Shop revealed a very real connection for the manager of their Nelson store.

"We're blessed because instead of feeling our babies growing inside of us, we get to watch our babies grow and develop from the outside and that's a real blessing'

Bellyful supporting Neonatal families

Juggling a new baby is difficult, let alone when they're 4 months early and you have other children to care for.  Bellyful can be a huge assistance when you're trying to fill hungry tummies during stressful times.  


Thank you to The Neonatal Trust's Partners