Personal stories

Bellyful supporting Neonatal families

Juggling a new baby is difficult, let alone when they're 4 months early and you have other children to care for.  Bellyful can be a huge assistance when you're trying to fill hungry tummies during stressful times.  

Neonatal twins celebrate their first birthday

"We learned to find happiness in their strange little milestones and we began to enjoy the two tiny babies we did have"

Read all about the rough start these beautiful twins, Matilda and Penelope, had as their parents were continually told to simply "wait and see".


One Family, Four Charities

Nearly 9 years ago 4 amazing charities entered our lives.  Our twin boys were born premature at 27 weeks (13 weeks early) and their lives were in the hands of . . .   

Eli's 13 week journey

Read Eli's journey, as written by his mum "I feel humbled to be able to have witnessed such an incredible thing, to have Eli grow in front of our very eyes"

Multiple thanks for great support

We're privileged to have some great support coming our way!  Malcolm, one of our volunteers, participated in the last ever '9 in 10' competition with The Paul Henry Show and is generously donating $1,000 of this to us . . .

A marvel of our own - Micah’s Story

Read all about Micah's as told by his mum Naomis very own words........."For every step forward, there were often more than a few steps back but you learn to take milestones where you can"

Robbie turns 16

Robbie was born 5 weeks early and has recently celebrated his 16th birthday.

Hollys' story - a 23 week miracle

Read all about Holly Blaney, born at just 23 weeks gestation and her 169 day stay in hospital

Supporter Profile: Taryn Ibell

We're extremely grateful to all those who provide their ideas, time, support and donations to The Neonatal Trust. We recently caught up with Taryn who's had three neonatal experiences and wanted to give back.  

BEATING THE ODDS, Lisa's story.

Monitors beep, nurses attend to tiny infants in incubators, and parents whisper quietly to their babies.  Babies’ naked but for a nappy lie in incubators with taped on tubes inserted in mouths, noses and chest for drainage, and in arms and legs for intravenous feeding. This is the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). This unit became very familiar to me, as it was home to my daughter for nearly 4 months. . .


Thank you to The Neonatal Trust's Partners