BabyBundles 100% Merino Bassinet Blanket

Colour of the Blanket

Luxurious merino bassinet blankets, keep your baby warm in their bassinet and are very useful on the move (in their buggy, car seat, etc).

This unique blanket is unlike other merino and wool blankets typically available.  With no scratchy bits, it feels soft and silky against your child’s skin.   

From birth, fold in half and use in the bassinet, buggy and in a ‘moses basket’.  Or, place your baby in the middle and wrap the blanket around your baby. 

The bassinet blanket is 80cm by 80cm

Price: $79.95 which includes free postage anywhere in New Zealand.


We're incredibly pleased to partner with BabyBundles. 100% of the profits for items sold through our website go to The Neonatal Trust. 



Thank you to The Neonatal Trust's Partners