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Every year 1,000 babies pass through the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) in Hamilton. We're commited to supporting these families through the stress and anxiety of thier journey and enhancing the care of their precious babies. Whenever possible we also wish to raise awareness.

For the Waikato NICU, The Neonatal Trust currently offers:

1.  Support packs
On arrival to the NICU each family receives a "Welcome to the Unit" Support pack.  

2.  Equipment support
We've provided a range of support to benefit neonatal families - both directly and indirectly.
An example of a direct example is providing La Z Boy chairs for the comfort of parents during the long hours in the NICU, and for Kangaroo Cuddles.

3.  Celebrating special events
To acknoweldge special days such as Mothers Day, Fathers Day, World Prematurity Day and Christmas Day, volunteers put together gift packs to give to each family currently staying in the unit, adding a little cheer to their day. As an example, here's some detail on Neonatal Secret Santa.

The Neonatal Trust (Waikato) is located in Hamilton. To learn more about our activity or contact us regarding volunteering please email

The Neonatal Trust (Waikato) came about in mid-2011 when a group of volunteers, themselves all parents of ‘graduates’ of the Waikato Hospital Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), first met to set about establishing a regional trust in the Waikato. Our aim is to do whatever we can to assist families finding themselves in the same highly stressful and emotionally taxing position we ourselves all experienced.

Since becoming established we have worked to create and provide:

  • a Welcome Pack for new arrivals in the NICU, to provide scrap booking items for parents to use in their babies NICU journals
  • a stock of breast pumps that can be hired to mothers living beyond easy reach of the NICU
  • a monthly coffee and playgroup for NICU graduates and their families and
  • to build relationships with other volunteer and interest groups in the Waikato
  • funding for breakfasts for Mums in NICU
  • a hand-made merino wrap/ blanket for each long term NICU baby when they ‘graduate’!

Our Goals for The Neonatal Trust (Waikato):

As a newly established charity we have identified, both from our own NICU experiences and through the input of the NICU staff, a list of goals we aim to achieve. These include:

  • to continue to develop and improve a ‘Welcome to the Waikato NICU’ Information Pack, including specific information on how the NICU operates, information on how The Neonatal Trust can help, general regional information, sample products from sponsors and a gift;
  • to continue to work with our generous sponsors to facilitate the making of ‘wookies’ in order to aid in the bonding and general welfare of new mothers and babies;
  • continue to find sponsors to assist in the purchase of hospital approved breast pumps to be loaned or hired to mothers unable to find or afford their own pumps for times when they have to be away from the NICU;
  • to fundraise for the purchase of a hospital approved nursing recliner for each NICU station to allow mothers to rest and express next to their baby, and to bond with their new baby by enjoying the many benefits of skin-to-skin cuddles;
  • to grow our monthly coffee/walking/play group for parents and caregivers of babies both currently in NICU as well as for ‘graduates’ where stories and experiences can be shared, and advice and support can be offered;
  • to continue to work on donations and sponsorships for gifts for parents and babies for specific events, e.g. Easter, Christmas, World Prematurity Day; and
  • continue to grow the local board and build a group of volunteers throughout the Waikato.

Join us:
We are always looking for members of our local community to join us as board members, special project coordinators and volunteers.  If you are interested in becoming involved, please contact us!