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An unexpected journey for your baby – admission to the NICU

What a shock – your newest family member is in the neonatal unit.  This is probably not how you expected to be welcoming baby.  Instead of feeling joy and happiness, you are filled with worry and concern for this unexpected turn of events.

So many questions to ask and wanting to help or do something but not sure what.  Even though you know that the neonatal unit is the best place for your newest family member to be in, you can’t help feeling a bit anxious, a bit worried, a bit shocked and even a bit scared, maybe? It’s so hard to keep those “what if’s?” and “why?”’ questions from overwhelming you.  

The most important thing to know right now is that baby is in the best place and in the safest hands. Everyone from the clinicians to the cleaners is making this time the safest and best place for baby to get used to independent living.  Involving, you, vitally important family and friends, will ensure that baby knows you all care and are there.

The Neonatal Trust have been working alongside the creator of this amazing and very informative website (, Judy Hitchcock, in supporting and endorsing the development of this application which we are promoting to families.

The site aims to be supportive for you during this time. Hopefully you’ll find it readable, useful, resourceful, informative and helpful in clarifying some of the questions you may have and you can access it anytime via your phone or computer.

We wish you, your family and your journey all the best.

Making a difficult start to life that little bit easier”

Thank you to The Neonatal Trust's Partners